Best weekend!

Friday: Reds game! We're now in 1st!

US Army Golden Knights. They are ballin.

Saturday: Putt Putt and movies with Brian and his siblings Madison and Brad!

Sunday: Burlington Antique Mall with my momma (FANTASTIC) and TJ's housewarming party! Look what we bought!

These kitchen canisters were still in shrinkwrap and in the original box!!
I love this family of deer! The fawn is absolutely precious.
I am so keeping this vintage luggage set.
Both the suitcase and traincase are in awesome condition.

U.S. Navy Sailor pants that fit me to a T!
Air Force Uniform!
I love my new vintage dresses!


  1. Loveeee the vintage finds! Just beautiful <3

    Gotta say booo! to the Reds though... I'm a Cardinals fan! haha What a good game though!

  2. Haha we actually made friends with the Cards fan next to us!


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