Nutella and crafting.

I had to go to a layout last night.  One of Brian's relatives he hardly knew, but I got to meet lots of his family that I hadn't yet.  Bad timing, but nice in some ways I suppose.

Tonight after dinner I plan on sewing, taking a few photos, and watching Project Runway! YAY!

I love this picture of Brian from before I met him.
I took it from his mom's myspace.  I think he's like 19.


  1. I just found your blog through Freckled Nest. I just started giggling to myself when I saw this picture of your Brian. My fiance's name is Brian also and this picture totally looks like a silly picture of him. Something about Brians, perhaps?

  2. YUM Nutella!! Stopping by from Freckled Nest and wanted to say, "hi!"

  3. Haha I guess all Brian's must be equally amazing :)

    Hi! Nutella is the best thing to eat. ever. hands down.

  4. That baby with nutella photo is cute!
    And i always jealous of someone's the fabric stash. Yours are great!

  5. Thanks! The best place to find great vintage fabrics like that is antique malls. I just spent $5 recently on like 4 decent sized rolls!


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