Randomness and a giveaway!

I have the day off work.  My boss is judging the critique at UC of the girls not on co-op now.
So, I made myself breakfast!  I have a million things to sew today including finishing Denise's baby quilt.

Don't forget to check out the big sponsor giveaway at Freckled Nest!  I have a custom vintage fabric backpack in it, but you'll also win 10 other things!
I also have BIG NEWS!
Brian and I are starting an Etsy together!
Life in a Suitcase
Not sure of the launch date yet, but it's going to be all handpainted vintage luggage and a few other vintage and travel things!  YAY YAY YAY!  I'll get you more info as soon as I can.  We're painting and making a banner Friday.

My friend Michael is in a band with Tj and Joe and he writes a lot of Christian and religion based poems (think along the lines of As Cities Burn and mewithoutYou) and such, so if you're into that sort of thing check out his blog: The Miracles in Between.

These are him.  The last was from a video project Lauren did.  He may kill me if he sees this.
Sorry for my super randomness!

Sew time. Mallory


  1. what a fun post!! :)
    LOVE that backpack!

    visiting from freckled nest btw

  2. Thanks! Good luck with the giveaway and maybe the backpack will be yours!

  3. Visiting from Freckled nest. I love the backpack and the new etsy shop idea. So fun. Good luck!

  4. Thank you! We might need it :)

  5. that backpack is the cutest!
    disneyland will be amazing :D

  6. Love your shop the Ice Cream cookie jar is way cool!

  7. Nicole. I've been to Disney world like 5 times now and I can't wait to be with Brian his first time! He's gonna love it!

    Skarlet thanks! That seems to be everyone's favorite item!

  8. That backpack is so cute ! Congrats on the new etsy shop.


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