Family photos!

 Mom and Aunt Diane?
 Mom then me at the same age :)

Mom and her siblings

 my siblings and I
 Ricky, Gavin, me, Uncle Rick
 me and Sarah
 Helen, mom, me, Brittany
 Dad and I :)
me and Helen, then Helen and mom making molasses many years apart.
some girl I don't know, Mom's grandpa, and Aunt Helen
 Grandpa and his sister making molasses

The rest are Grandma.  She is beautiful.

 my Grandpa's mom, Grandpa, and Grandma on their wedding day!


  1. You and your mom look so alike! It's adorable! I look just like my parents as a kid too, if they were to merge into one child.

    PS. I think your muslin was amazing, don't listen to anyone who said "cheap" or things like that. I think the shorts will look adorable with a dust ruffle on them. Stay true to your idea! :) (And I only wanted a panty because I love panties too much for my own good.)

  2. I know we're ridiculous. haha Merging into 1 child :)

    Thanks! I think a panty would be cute, but you're right I want to stick with my idea.


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