We make nerdy look good.

I went to the Harry Potter premier last night at midnight.  I won't give any spoilers but I will tell you that it was absolutely AMAZING.  It is the only movie where I haven't said, oh they missed so and so part. YAY!

Thumbs up on being excited!

 Lauren and I both have fake smiles here, but we have some sweet Gryffindor shirts!
Tara, Matt, and Lauren.

Lots more people went but these are the only phone pictures that were taken, and I haven't uploaded my camera pictures yet.  So, I may add some more photos later :)

Must pay attention in class now. xoxo


  1. It literally blew my mind! How awesome would that be though .. and Jackie could show me how to use the printer!

    SO OMG, how was the movie?!?!?!

  2. This is Mallory. I'm too lazy to sign Brian out, and myself in:

    The water one is just SO AMAZING! The Movie was FANTASTIC! incredibly true to the book!


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