Record Jackpot

Last night I was talking to my dad about the records I have and he said something to the effect of "Your mom and I have a box downstairs," and "You're welcome to it."  I pretty much ran down the stairs and found a big ol' box of records from the 60s-80s.  I feel like I hit the lottery.

My favorite is The Beatles White Album.  I really love the Beatles, I say this with no fear of sounding cliche.  I think I now have almost all of their records.  Every one is vintage except an Abbey Road lp.   There are also records from these people included: Paul Simon, Elton John, The Police, Led Zeppelin, Jackson Brown... tons more... and a Bill Cosby stand-up :).

Today I wrapped my gifts while listening to Dad's records.  Now I'm done other than waiting for John's gift and assembling Ben's...

byeee, bed time.


  1. that wrapping paper is lovely!!
    my husband collects records, he's a bit of a nut about it!
    the past few days we have been making bowls and bracelets out of duplicate or unwanted records. fun stuff!

  2. The back one's from ikea and the front is Target :)

    That's really a great thing to do with records! I've seen coasters too if you add felt to the back!


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