Wardrobe- Princess Leia?

Here in Northern Ky it is stinking cold.  We have had over 10" more snow this month than December averages.  The temperature has only been over freezing like 2 days in the past 3 weeks.  BRRRR!!! I've been seriously layering.

Here is what I am wearing now!

shirt- Old Navy
suede leather vest- Vintage- thrifted
purple pants- PacSun- though when I go in there now I feel like such an adult
rain boots (to trek in the snow)- birthday gift, Target

I'm going to bed.  I've had to be at work at & all week and tomorrow is my last early morning.
xoxo, Mallory


  1. is it the light, or is your little leia-bun pink?! super cute! love the boots, hate the cold! brrrr bundle up!!!

  2. My bottom layer IS pink! I'm about to revert to my natural hair color, golden brown, soon. Blonde is too much upkeep!


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