Lighting is one of the most important elements of a room. That being said an awesome light or chandelier can really make or break a room's design.

If you have a light and want a new globe something like this would be a good solution
I've been lusting after this one for a while
This shade in absolutely gorgeous I think! I think I could actually design a room around just this! They have many more designs at drawflowers
Or you could add some cool vintage crystals like these to an existing feature or make your own!


Avant-Garde Etsy

While they've been big in the Handmade scene for a while now, couture has fully embraced the simple yo-yo. Maybe Karl Lagerfeld enjoys Etsy as much as I (we all) do!

Here are some Etsy examples:

This is some of Chanel Spring 2010 Couture:

These have no yo-yos I just think they are pretty! I also Enjoy that the hemline is not too short or too long on the whole collection.

I just think this is funny because I feel like this is true almost every morning on the way to school/work.


Dishes Dishes Dishes

I've really fallen in love with this brunch set of dishes that I have for sale:
I think they're gorgeous and wish I could afford to keep them.


New Year- Better blogger and Red Gingham!

Here is my late New Year Resolution: blog every day. I've given my shop a full makeover. I have a new banner and have finally focused my brand. I'm going to carry only vintage and upcycled fashions: clothing and home decor included.

Here's my 2010 so far: chocolate fondue, Brian, trivia with tj and Lauren, school, thrifting, upcycling/cleaning, the Game of Things, and sewing.

Brian finally has everything he needs to be a successful screen printer and is making plans to open an Etsy Shop of his own! YAY!

Here are some lovely pictures to start out:

I need this pincushion
Too adorable from missiren
fabric here

little Hearts for Haiti studs (check this out whether you like these or not)!
I would love to look like I'm wearing a picnic blanket in this