Fashion Discoveries

I have been on the hunt for handmade and other fashion designers lately. I have found out that a lot of the other students in my program have had a hard time finding co-ops so I've taken it upon myself to find as many places I would like to work for ahead of time. Here are some awesome brands I've found:



A belt bodice

This bodice is made from belt webbing. Again poor lighting from my Blackberry Tour, but it works. I still have to attach the skirt!! Wee finally getting caught up!

Girl's night with Lauren and possibly Erin tonight. Love it!



Everyone wants an adorable new romper for this upcoming season. Sadly my torso is that of an amazon, so I can't buy on off the rack and expect it to fit.

Here are a few I adore:

This is actually mine already. I haven't decided if I'll keep it or not.

MMMM I want!

pink and girly, but not over the top

Stripes & polka dots= magic

In case one goes on safari

And this is of course from Anthropologie, my dream store.

Good night loves. mallory


Jon Foreman- I Hate All Your Show

This is the singer from Switchfoot. The quality isn't fantastic, but the message is great.
I'm fairly certain the lyrics are a passage from Isaiah (off topic: I love that name for a little boy).


Diy Valentine's Cookies!

My mom and I just made some awesome cookies! I plan on giving some to everyone. I saw a picture of an old Martha Stewart Living with Stained Glass Cookie pops.

My mom and I decided to make our own version. We used my uncle's aunt's recipe for sugar cookies.

Make your dough and when it's chilling crush some candy. I used candy sticks from New year's but you can use candy canes or Jolly Ranchers
Make sure you put the candy in a Ziploc and crush it on a cutting board (I've put dents in my mom's countertop before).
Roll out the dough (or have your mom do it)
We have a Linzer cookie cutter which has the middle cut-out already
OR you can use 2 separate cutters like the following pictures.

put the candies in the hearts. Use a spoon or your hands will get sticky!

My first batch the hearts were too small so I stretched the next couple out.
We also covered a few with simple cookie glaze.
final cookies.
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