Fashion Discoveries

I have been on the hunt for handmade and other fashion designers lately. I have found out that a lot of the other students in my program have had a hard time finding co-ops so I've taken it upon myself to find as many places I would like to work for ahead of time. Here are some awesome brands I've found:



A belt bodice

This bodice is made from belt webbing. Again poor lighting from my Blackberry Tour, but it works. I still have to attach the skirt!! Wee finally getting caught up!

Girl's night with Lauren and possibly Erin tonight. Love it!



I just rediscovered these photobooth photos in my iphoto library (too many photos in this sentence)!

Thought I'd share.

stinky face Brian
me self.
Cinders, the cat who thinks she's a dog.

babysitting my cousins. After this Carter said, "you guys Squoooshed my face!"

Ah, Laur Laur
How was I to know that after this picture my isight camera would stop working. I should get that fixed. Oh well

xoxo mallory

New shoes I'm crushing on

Trivia didn't happen, but I feel better adjusted to just hanging out at the bar with the trivia regulars, oh and set-up. Oh well, next week I suppose.

This spring I have a huge crush on oxfords on women. It's pretty hard to find vintage mens in a size 7, or cute womens cheap enough. I do have a gray pair and a black pair in high high heels, but I could really use some flats right? Here are some new ones I'm lusting after (I lust after a lot):

Vans featured in an ad in Teen Vogue for Spring

Marc Fisher? Idk but= PRETTY!

I'd also like to have these Toms Shoes! I found out just now this instant that they no longer have the black glitter ones. sad face.

Stylishly yours,


Polaroid Magic!!

I love Polaroid cameras. I'm listing a vintage one on my Etsy right nowww! A Polaroid Sun 600 LMS camera to be exact. It's pretty for a collection or for a special project or just for fun! I think the idea of actual photography resulting in actual photographs is charming and I really miss it.

I've fully tested the camera and it works beautifully!

Here are a few fun Polaroids and Polaroid projects I've found:
Amazing portrait
Oh how I love a collection
They look so lovely framed together
I want to make one of these badly!!

Shake it (sorry had to)! nighty night-Mallory Love

I'm alive I swear

I'm still here. Sorry to whoever may read this for my weekend of mia. I've gotten all kinds of hw and such done. I'm actually working on drawing homework right now. Here's my progress... 3 of 5 fur drawings.
These are two of the pages from my Spring 2011 Forecast.

This is a vintage beauty ad I stumbled across when looking for images. I think it's from one of my flikr contact's images.



Everyone wants an adorable new romper for this upcoming season. Sadly my torso is that of an amazon, so I can't buy on off the rack and expect it to fit.

Here are a few I adore:

This is actually mine already. I haven't decided if I'll keep it or not.
MMMM I want!
pink and girly, but not over the top
Stripes & polka dots= magic
In case one goes on safari
And this is of course from Anthropologie, my dream store.

Good night loves. mallory



Happy Valentine's Day! Today is the first time I've actually sat down with enough time to type this weekend. Here are my Valentine's:
This is what I made Brian

Brian's little sister Madison made this for me while he made mine haha

This is my Valentine from Brian. The inside says something to the effect of "In Robot that means I love you and am charged up about our future" haha.

Friday Lauren, Liz, Josh and I all went out for a "girl's night." Somehow Josh has joined our girl's nights since sophomore year of high school. Maybe being with 3 girls will some day attract another one for him. We saw Dear John which was actually better than I thought it would be. Still not in love with it as much as other movies.

I thought I would take the time to share Brian and I's love story with you:

Lauren is my best friend. She has been dating TJ Bitter since 2007 (I think). TJ is in a band called Good Morning Gladys. She also has a cousin our age that she decided to set up on a blind date with TJ's friend Brian Muddiman. Brian was in a band called Hoping For Haley and met TJ because they played shows together (HFH broke up January 2008).

This is Lauren and TJ in the Bean in Chicago :)

Lauren's cousin dropped out the day before this planned date on July 3rd, 2008. She begged me and begged me to go instead, but I already had plans. Luckily I made it to TJ's house late that night. A few more of my friends showed up but I could only focus my attention on Brian. I was warned ahead of time by Lauren that I wasn't allowed to flirt with him (I had a reputation as a bit of a heartbreaker). I mostly behaved myself.

On July 9th, 2008 Brian and I went on our first date. We saw Wall-E. It's all history from there. Since that night I haven't had a doubt in my mind that Brian is the one for me.

Hopefully you have someone in your life as awesome as Brian. If not I wish that you will find your Brian and become as happy as I am.


bad day blues

I wrecked my mother's car today on the way to school. All involved are fine and all else should be fine, plus my car was the only one with more than a scratch (well my mom's). Only plastic parts were damaged, so I'm thinking that's good. I drove that one because it had four wheel drive, but apparently those slide too if you stop fast.

When I got to drawing class (late) I realized that today was day 1 of NYC fashion week so that cheered me up a bit, until we heard that Alexander McQueen has committed suicide. I'm certain the fashion community is in complete mourning at this monumental loss. I think it's especially upsetting that someone with so much talent and recognition could still have life be unbearable to the point that this could happen...

Here are a few outstanding pieces by the legendary designer McQueen

Ready-To-Wear Spring 2010

Resort 2009

Ready-To-Wear Fall 2009

Ready-To-Wear Spring 2007

Ready-To-Wear Fall 2006
(photos from Style.com)


Jon Foreman- I Hate All Your Show

This is the singer from Switchfoot. The quality isn't fantastic, but the message is great.
I'm fairly certain the lyrics are a passage from Isaiah (off topic: I love that name for a little boy).


Diy Valentine's Cookies!

My mom and I just made some awesome cookies! I plan on giving some to everyone. I saw a picture of an old Martha Stewart Living with Stained Glass Cookie pops.

My mom and I decided to make our own version. We used my uncle's aunt's recipe for sugar cookies.

Make your dough and when it's chilling crush some candy. I used candy sticks from New year's but you can use candy canes or Jolly Ranchers
Make sure you put the candy in a Ziploc and crush it on a cutting board (I've put dents in my mom's countertop before).
Roll out the dough (or have your mom do it)
We have a Linzer cookie cutter which has the middle cut-out already
OR you can use 2 separate cutters like the following pictures.

put the candies in the hearts. Use a spoon or your hands will get sticky!

My first batch the hearts were too small so I stretched the next couple out.
We also covered a few with simple cookie glaze.
final cookies.