I made some custom packaging today/yesterday, printed some new little note inserts, and am going to bed asap. I made these using this diy from A Beautiful Mess then handpainted them.
Here's my from outfit today as promised.

I know it's fuzzy. I hate that too!

And another dress I made for school but wore Sunday. I can't wait till this Sunday, Easter, to wear my new Liberty dress!

It's a very thin teal and white stripe. I love this dress and that I made it from my measurements, to the pattern, to the final product!

Now, I believe it is pajama time. Sweet dreams.

A beautiful day

It's a beautiful day at Daap or UC in general. Heck even the whole greater Cinci area!
These are the socks I got from Target a few days ago. Got the booties from Goodwill for $5!
I'll try to get a full outfit photo later :)

Brian is going to make his 5th attempt to find me a bike tonight. Wish him luck. Last one was gone when he came back with is bike rack.


Anthropologie never ceases to amaze me. If I had to pick one store to buy my clothes from for the rest of my life Anthro would be the one for me. The Cinicinnati location is hiring, but it's a full time position and I can't do that with school. anyway, on to the pretties...

On another note, I got some super adorable tan booties from Goodwill today. They're Nine West and barely look worn! They're probably just last season.

This is from Valentine's day. Just discovered them in iphoto :)
I was too frustrated to post around then. They all smudged in the shower. It was a mess.


Get the look vol.2

Isn't she presh? I think yes!! All of her outfits are fantastic.
Here we go!

(a matching pair have been in my favorites for months) $35

2: Knee High socks

These lace socks are only $3.99!

3: lace dress

$28 really I think the cream or blush dress here from yesstyle would be pretty effective though a bit different.

4: boyfriend blazer

Leamor's vintage version is here for only $15!

5:Round Sunglasses

This look wouldn't be complete without some vintage big black Jackie O. sunglasses.
Only for $7 even better. Diver on Etsy

6: Spectator shoes

Almost forgot these! These are $32 vintage from funretro on Etsy

Our total this time is... $120.99 Ouch.
My suggestion to bring it down is thrift the shoes and blazer. You can find really nice blazers for like $3 and I've seen lots of these shoes for about the same.

If you find both for $3 exactly then it's down to $79.99.

I think that's pretty doable since the garters and socks are adorable and really make a statement, a blazer is a classic staple, black sunglasses are ALWAYS in (Anna Wintour anyone?), and I feel like that dress could be very versatile.


Banner and Liberty

Hey check it out I have a new banner. I hope you kids like it! If not let me know why?

I've recently become obsessed with Liberty of London via Liberty of London for Target
It's just so romantic and beautiful, but still clean lined so the florals don't look granny!

♥ Mallory


Everybody's Changing

My mom told me a few weeks ago that she never looks at my blog because she sees me every day anyway. So I can tell you now, that I'm working on my new banner instead of cleaning as she requested, or rather, demanded.

I also just used the new blogger layout customizer which I must say makes me like my blog a whole lot better aleady. It's an ever evolving project I guess.

Also, I cut my bangs yesterday (mom fixed them), and double date night with Lauren and T.J. was a blast, even though the boys have no excitement in this picture.
If you're located in Cincinnati, Ohio or Northern Ky or visiting check out Lauren and T.J.'s blog Legit Dining. I'm assuming she'll blog about Terry's Turf Club soon!

I really want to start going to more shows so if you know of any good Cincinnati, Northern KY bands to go see or any other shows coming up let me know!

I think we're going to see Minus the Bear at the Mad Hatter soon!
(This poster is old and from the Southgate House, but I love it!)


Double date night at Terry's Turf Club!!

Red lips and hair dye

I've been on the quest for a red lipstick that actually looks good on my pale yellowy skin for quite some time. Do we have a winner? Rimmel London Berry something. I think it's technically a dark pink v. a red

I'd also really like to get my hair trimmed (growing it out remember?) and possibly dyed? The highlights from last summer are wayy too blonde and now at an awkward length. Any thoughts? I'm willing to be creative.

Also I'm thinking of making some statement necklaces for myself and if I really love them selling them. I keep meaning to buy one, but they're so expensive and I could easily make them that I can't ustify the money. On another note my cousin Jenny is opening her own lingerie boutique in Alexandria, Ky. Maybe she'll let me sell some stuff there?


Louisville Pics #1

I promised trip photos tonight.
Here is what we did Friday, March 19th 2010:

Schimpff's Candy. Amazing go there!
Technically in Indiana
Then we drove around and thrifted in Indiana.

Then we walked around 4th Street Live! downtown.

And ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. Yum!

Then we went to Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World on a whim.
It was actually awesome! We putt putt golfed for free, did an shooting game with light up targets on an African safari scene (I shot a stuffed lion), then amused ourselves making fun of the home decor section.
This is us both looking rather stupid in large cabin chairs. Not even 10 feet away was a couch upholstered in the most awful hunting fabric ever.

That was our Friday. Maybe I'll get Saturday up tomorrow. We shall see
xoxo Mallory

Winter Quarter Finals

Tonight I cleaned my art room/ studio! Do you ever feel like doing that is pointless?

Here are some photos from the end of my winter quarter!
Final blouse sketch and final garment from pattern making and construction (in conjunction)

Textiles Project
Non-apparel textile= belt webbing... every last bit of it! Except the velcro of course!
Here we are! Erin and I's interpretation of John Lennon and Yoko Ono!
Made entirely of thrifted garments from St. Vincent de Paul.
I loosened my belt a bit after this. Shorts are a little too hiked


New stuff

Have I told you I'm a fashion junkie? I'm totally geekin over Polyvore.

Immersed myself yesterday in photo taking and editing. Then watched How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory. Great day.

Today I woke up late :( and didn't get my coffee. But it got better, I worked took a nap then went to my brother-in-law's bar to be trivia girl! Yay it was fun!

Going to bed early now to hopefully get some Etsying done in the a.m.

New to mallorymakesthings Etsy store asap (fingers crossed)!