Current Obsessions

This gorgeous vintage bicycle dress! I swear Vintage Vixen ALWAYS has the best dresses!

The lace on this Victorian wedding gown about sent me into heart palpitations!

Black and white spectator pumps!

Sailor looks are so adorable! I wish this little girl dress came in my size

That's all for now kids because I need to get back to my drawing homework! Then the pool :)


Memorial Day Weekend

So this weekend we went camping with my mother's family. I'm not exactly sure if you can call it camping though since we all stayed in cabins and campers. Oh well.

Yesterday we rented the nicest pontoon I've ever been on and went out on Taylorsville Lake. I'm just going to say that I love KY and I'm glad I'm from here.

I'll share boating pictures soon probably. For now I'm sharing some we ♥ it pictures for the hopeless romantic in all of us!

Brian and I saw Wall-e on our first date :)
I love him (and that movie)!

Now I'm headed to my pool to work on my final sophomore project!


Retro Stylings: Salon Inspiration

I don't necessarily like Christina Aguilera (though I had her first cd), but I have always loved this video. It's so super cute.
Maybe I'll be Rosie the Riveter for Halloween? I think that would be adoooorrrrablllle!!!
I may even try to pin curl my bangs for tomorrow!

In an unrelated note I love this spa in Milan that I happened upon while looking for a Garibaldi shirt on Style.com

It's Gorgeous!!


Friday Morning

I made myself some cinnamon rolls this morning and I've actually eaten all 8 of them. It's good I have a high metabolism. Other than that, we've been drawing and designing men's wear the past two weeks and I realized that I just don't know much about men's wear. Here are some snappy dressers I found online as inspiration:

i do dislike those sandals though

I don't care if Brian doesn't like Superman :)

If you haven't been go now!!

Children's Wear update!

Tonight I cut out my fabric (which I was supposed to do yesterday) and made my first piece. Here's the shirt that my cousin Paxton is wearing in my fashion show!

I now realize that the back would make a pretty cute front on a dress as well. Next project.

Bedtime for me. Online fashion history test, econ class then work tomorrow.
Then I see my Brian!!


vanity, meet procrastination

I spent some time playing with my camera and it's timer in order to avoid doing my FAFSA. It's pretty lame.

My nail polish and earrings are from forever21. Onto my fafsa. Then watching Dexter as I cut my children's wear fabric.

Have a great night! xoxo Mallory Kate


Best weekend!

Friday: Reds game! We're now in 1st!

US Army Golden Knights. They are ballin.

Saturday: Putt Putt and movies with Brian and his siblings Madison and Brad!

Sunday: Burlington Antique Mall with my momma (FANTASTIC) and TJ's housewarming party! Look what we bought!

These kitchen canisters were still in shrinkwrap and in the original box!!
I love this family of deer! The fawn is absolutely precious.
I am so keeping this vintage luggage set.
Both the suitcase and traincase are in awesome condition.

U.S. Navy Sailor pants that fit me to a T!
Air Force Uniform!
I love my new vintage dresses!


Etsy Store Win

I was looking at vintage dresses on Etsy for myself when I came across TheEverythingStore on etsy. They truly have a bit of everything, but where they excel in my book is their vintage children's clothing.

I wish there was a little girl in my family to dress up!
Anyway, I've wasted enough time on the internet for the day.

This weekend's plans are:
Tonight work 3 something-6 (in a baby room!), Reds game in AWESOME seats with Brian, Lauren, and TJ, then Lauren's sleeping over.
Saturday working on a project with Lauren then to Brian's to hang with him and Madison and most likely thrift shop.
Sunday BURLINGTON ANTIQUE SHOW with my mom! Sorry for shouting that at you, but I really am excited!

Any exciting weekend plans?
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