Mallory Loves Brian.

I had dinner with Brian tonight then trivia, but first I took this picture with my phone.
Sorry for the poor quality :(


Almost Forgot!

(last from Toy Story 1)

Oh, I loved Toy Story 3! Brian and I saw it in Imax 3-D!

It was a bit dark for kids, but Brian and I discussed that they kinda just matured it to engage the original Toy Story fans, like they do the Harry Potter movies.


awesome wedding gown

My mom and I always watch Say Yes to the Dress together.
Today I looked at Kleinfeld's site and I think I'm in love with this one by Amsale:

It's got a boy and a box pleat!!
LOVE it! ♥


Disney Photos 1

I have lots of photos to share so maybe I'll do them a day at a time...

Sunday: most of Epcot World Showcase

Parents :)

Test Track. Brittany, me, my mom
I have to go to the post office, but there are a few more of these.



I'm leaving for Disney Work in approximately 6.5 hours!!! I just posted my evening's photos, but thought this deserved a post of its own!

The grand opening of HARRY POTTER WIZARDING WORLD!!!

love yous, I'll be back the 20th!
Luckily people are staying at my house with my kitty!



Big Daap Works show was tonight! Apparently they have it online already, but I can't seem to find it. I'll post my childrens pics as soon as my cousin emails them to me, but for now here are the "addicted to love" 9 attached jackets, detached.

We walked down the aisle as a cube (3x3) with sleeves zipped together and fronts and backs zipped together then half way we were released into rows and stomped it out.
I felt like a bad A. Not gonna lie.
These were designed/made by Nancy Todd a pre-Junior (now official junior)!

Allison and Catherine (rehearsal)

Catherine (pre stomping just for fun)

Robert Palmer Video makeup (see below)

Yesterday was rehearsal and dress rehearsal for daap works the big fashion show. Althea Harper from Project Runway was there & will be at the big show tonight!



Goodness! I want them in every color!

Custom Nail polish

I made that robins egg nail polish color on my thumb yesterday from the colors on my index and middle finger and then I painted those 3. I figured I'd have to finish out the rest.
I also love my shower curtain :)

Lauren pointed out that the mismatch are like from Dexter. Oh well!

here are a few other cute polish jobs:

Scary Heidi, but cute nails

May have to do this for Disney World!
This is my FAVORITE!

These are mine from Valentine's Day


Oh silly me.

I just finished that post about Ruche when I wanted to share my drawing final "collection" today because guess what...

Mens first. keep in mind I had certain parameters.
Moxie will be my line when I graduate. As of now.

Off to clean then pack for DISNEY!

love love, Mallory
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