Most Amazing Purse

I'm not necessarily a bag girl.  I love a good purse, don't get me wrong, but if I had the choice I'd spend the money on dresses instead.
However, I need this bag.  Like bad. I badly need this bag.

Oh Marc Jacobs you know how to design.
You know exactly what I love: clean details, retro vibes, and birds.


Duaflex, Wardrobe Remix, Cupcakes, Moccasins, and Treasury (PHEW)!

So I saw recently learned what ttvs were and I am really surprised that I didn't know till now.
I bought a duaflex II for $6 on Ebay and got it yesterday.
I was playing with it and my mom said, "Hey I have one of those.  It's much nicer, too."
haha of course.

I need to clean the lens.

Through the red thingy

New wardrobe remix!

I don't think I've ever said that my mom makes gourmet cupcakes.
She really is like Martha Stewart.
These were for Brittany's friend's wedding shower (that may no be proper English)

I really love these belts and moccasins from Darlingtonia
I wish I was rich :)

I never really liked moccasins till lately, and still I don't like many.
These are amazing!

Last, but not least my ice cream cookie jar is in a Treasury!
Thanks to Betty Bead Boutique!

Etsy updates and babysitting

I'm slowly adding more things to my Etsy!
ice cream cookie jar
vintage dress

I watched this cutie tonight.  We played dinosaurs meets Spider-man meets Toy Story again, then watched Wall-e, then danced to the credits music.  He didn't like how I dance apparently since he kept saying, "no dance like this!"
I love Wednesdays!


Break Up

I've really been loving the Scarlet Johansson and Pete Yorn album.  I've always had him on my ipod and meant to download their cd after their spread in Rolling Stone, but just downloaded most of Break Up and they are magic.  They are also one of the best looking duos ever.

I love how she can look like a total babe or just an adorable girl you want to be your best friend.  It's because of her awesome wardrobe of course :)


DIY Pinhold Cameras!

Brian and I finally finished our pinhole cameras yesterday that we've been working on for a month!
Since Brian decided he will decorate his at a later date I only have photos of mine.


I used this tutorial from Francesco Caponni found via flickr.

It's really simple and with the film and scrapbook paper I spent about $12 for 2 cameras.

I suggest you print on sticker paper.  We didn't and it was a pain to use double stick tape to attach the patterns to the cardboard.  After following the tutorial I covered mine in scrapbook paper because if it isn't pretty then what's the point?
I hope we'll test them on Thursday because Brian's coming over for dinner!


2nd anniversary.

Last night Brian and I went to the Melting Pot for our two year anniversary.
Have I said lately that he's amazing?
He really is.  I love him with my whole heart ♥

On the drive, and in the parking lot.  I didn't help him pick out his outfit.
I think his sense strong of style is partially why i fell in love in the first place.

my outfit and my vintage clutch I used last week.
This dress is from Forever 21, and the shoes are from Kohl's
hair :)
cheese appetizer
meat and veggies dinner
chocolate dessert
us, but half gone lipstick
Madison took these afterwards :)

lipstick stain haha
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