Happy Halloween!!

Here are a few peeks of the Halloween festivities around my house:

 One of mine.  The other is really tall and skinny with squares.
Dash's, done by Ben 
Count Chocula- drawn by dad carved by mom


We're grossed out by pumpkin goo, being pumpkins, being scary, then he gave me a hug to 'protect' him!
I love my nephew :)

Dinosaur bird in action.

Tonight is Trick-or-treat.  I'm going to take a nap then help pass out candy!  I love Halloween so much.  Dash is coming over in his pirate costume my mom made him.  Should be cute!

Happy haunting! xoxo Mallory


Style Icon Thursday- Lily Allen

I must admit that I don't know much about Lily Allen, (because I hear she isn't too intelligent) but she's been handpicked by Karl Lagerfeld as a style icon, so I feel she must be discussed.  I think she's super cute and I love how her music is refreshingly sarcastic.

Here she is performing at the Chanel spring 2010 rtw show

I love this dress!

Project Runway Finale tonight!
bye bye!

Wardrobe- from last week


Scarf- Goodwill- had to wash this twice before I would allow myself to wear it
heart necklace- freebie from my aunt's mother-in-law
sweater dress- Urban Outfitters fall 2008
leggings- H&M recently
gray knee high, cable knit socks- Target
boots- Piperlime- Chinese Laundry

Vintage/Antique Cameras & Sunday's festivities

John (my sister Brittany's boyfriend) gave me some cameras that were his grandpa's and I'm really excited about them! There are a few more I didn't take pictures of even as well as a light meter and a little lens to look at negatives.

last two taken of my night stand through the negative lens.

Sunday was the pumpkin farm & Dash's birthday celebration!

Dancing in excitement over the horse drawn hayride

 Hayride- Tyler and Mom
Dad, Ben, Uncle Brad, Aunt Helen (I know we look alike), and Carter

John, Brittany, Sarah, and the back of Dash's head

Mummy Dogs!

Mom made Iron Man cupcakes!
See that Iron Man costume?  That was my present.
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