Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins

I'm buried up to my eyes in threads and fabrics and buttons and zippers.  I wouldn't have it any other way!

I leave in less than a week for a special place in Missouri!  I'll give you one more hint as to where I'm going... my boss/partner in the venture is a super popular blogger.

Hopefully all of the skirts I'm making will be done by then.  Or maybe I should save all my button sewing for when my mom is taking the driving shifts on my way there.  Mom's roadtrippin it with me then riding back with my Dad who is following us there (overkill... maybe, but very sweet).  I may have to visit my summer boss Deb next week to use her button holer.  If my buttons weren't free I wouldn't be using shank ones and I could use her button sewing machine, too. Dang.

Ah welp.  Back to work xoxo!



This is what I wore to work yesterday + some flats

Lacy sweater- Christmas gift- Mom, from Marshalls
long sleeve tee- F21
khaki skinnies- Old Navy clearance for less than $10!
lace trouser socks- Target via Goodwill

This is a Magi Camel from our nativity.  I love it and wish it was out all year. 


Christmas photos- with 1 wardrobe in the mix

Eve of the eve
This day I picked up my computer with a brand new top half from the apple store.  Since my photobooth now works Madison and I had some fun.

She's so pretty :)

Christmas Eve!
Brittany and I

Brian said I looked like I should be on Mad Men.  I'm sure my cocktail didn't help  (Mom made clementine cosmos! yum)!

About my outfit:
pearl necklace- antique that my Aunt Sue gifted me for my hs graduation
mod/contemporary dress- TJ Maxx- b-day gift from Mom
tights- Betsey Johnson TJ Maxx
shoes- Thrifted target oxford pumps

 Mom also made ice cream sundaes to look like snowmen and apple cranberry hand pies
 here is Carter enjoying his.
 All of the gifts Brian, Brittany, and I gave out.  The living room was COVERED on Christmas morning!

 Mom crocheted us all hats.  Here is Brian's
 Brittany got a journal from Brian (anthropologie) among other things
 Dad being VERY excited over the Ford shirt Brian got him

Christmas Morning!

First thing I won the pickle ornament gift, then Dash showed off the horn and Bumblebee Santa brought him.
 Mom Santa gives very pretty presents!
 Sarah very excited over Florence and the Machine
 Dad got Mom a Nintendo DS, so she had to wait to open this case from Brian until the morning
 A Hudepohl Gold light I bought my dad in Lebanon this summer (I plan ahead)
Dash annoyed that I stuck a nametag on his forehead 
Ben post-pumped that I made him a terrarium with handmade clay mushrooms and a gnome.  Best handmade gift from this year if I'm allowed to say that myself
The aftermath....

I got a The Shins record from Brian (among other things like Mad Men season 1 and the Game of Things) and a Bon Iver record from his brother Brad.  So, today I'm giving them a listen while cleaning!

Byes for now!


Wardrobe- Princess Leia?

Here in Northern Ky it is stinking cold.  We have had over 10" more snow this month than December averages.  The temperature has only been over freezing like 2 days in the past 3 weeks.  BRRRR!!! I've been seriously layering.

Here is what I am wearing now!

shirt- Old Navy
suede leather vest- Vintage- thrifted
purple pants- PacSun- though when I go in there now I feel like such an adult
rain boots (to trek in the snow)- birthday gift, Target

I'm going to bed.  I've had to be at work at & all week and tomorrow is my last early morning.
xoxo, Mallory


Mallory ♥ Brian

This is the only brooch I think I have ever asked for.  I want it so bad.  I'll be super upset if Brian doesn't buy it for me.  I've told him I want it at least 5 times now via talking, text, and facebook.

Right now I like it more than I like him.
Just kidding babe :), but I do want this for Christmas that much.

Going to nap now, then back to work at 2.  I love working in infant classrooms!

Thanks for reading my randomness!



I think I've mentioned before that my blog is in desperate need of a makeover.  I plan on doing this when I get to my January destination.  I have it sketched out and a theme planned.  I'm not sure how to write html for my nav bar, but I guess learning is part of the fun, that or I'll just let it be white with boring colored fonts. :)

hmmm.  My isight camera hasn't worked for a good year now, and I believe Brian and I are going to take it to the Apple Genius fellas tomorrow for a little tlc.  I need to be able to skype everyone back home!

Here is what I need to do before I leave:
  • get my computer fixed
  • Talk mom into making me some of her amazing hot chocolate mix to take
  • finish my project which entails: ORDER TRIM, finish cutting fabric, sewing/serging, sewing buttons (yuck!), making tags, and designing my logo!
  • clean my bedroom
  • clean my craft room
  • clean the sewing room
  • decide what clothing, books, movies, and crafting supplies to pack.  At least I know I won't need a bathing suit
  • buy things like towels, a medicine kit, a yard stick (for pattern making)
  • PACK!  EEK!
  • go to the allergist
  • spend as much time with my family, Lauren, and Brian as possible
Now I'm going to get back to said project.  I'm a tad scared of laying out my patterns, what of I don't have enough fabric?!
 Mom's hot chocolate!
This is an old poject, but I'll be here nonstop after Christmas!



I forgot to mention yesterday that it was my dad's birthday.
Happy birthday Dad, I love you!

 (Disney- me, mom, dad, brittany)


Music & Cupcakes

(Lauren's coffee)

Last night I went to Corner Bloc in Price Hill for an acoustic show by Jeremy Spring of the band Abandon Kansas.  He was really cool! He sat and talked to my friends and I for a while, and he spoke a lot about being a better person and worshipping in your own way.  It really got me thinking, in a positive direction.  Here's one of the songs he performed:

Now for the random photos. 

These are cupcakes my mom and I made for a baby shower and a potluck a week or so ago.  She hand-painted the fondant monkeys


Record Jackpot

Last night I was talking to my dad about the records I have and he said something to the effect of "Your mom and I have a box downstairs," and "You're welcome to it."  I pretty much ran down the stairs and found a big ol' box of records from the 60s-80s.  I feel like I hit the lottery.

My favorite is The Beatles White Album.  I really love the Beatles, I say this with no fear of sounding cliche.  I think I now have almost all of their records.  Every one is vintage except an Abbey Road lp.   There are also records from these people included: Paul Simon, Elton John, The Police, Led Zeppelin, Jackson Brown... tons more... and a Bill Cosby stand-up :).

Today I wrapped my gifts while listening to Dad's records.  Now I'm done other than waiting for John's gift and assembling Ben's...

byeee, bed time.


Ugly Sweater Party.

First I wanted to share this photo of my nephew, because he's so cute, although this is totally the beginning of his annoyed face. Photo from Sarah's mom.

Next... Photos from the Thanksgivingdinner/uglysweater/yankeeswap party.  All of those //s= an awesome time! I'm fairly certain that 80% of the $5 gifts were thrifted or from the dollar store.
 Brian's teacher sweater.
 Joe H and Clay

 Troy sweater 1
 Troy (sweater 2) and his wife, Denise.  This is from our awkward family portrait session.  Denise couldn't fake smile for more than 1 second :)
 Steph and Abigail (troy and denise's baby)!
Brian, me, Zach, Steph 
 Yankee Swapping...
 Brian got straw glasses
steph got a pirate flask and an air horn
 Playing with a dragon incense burner that appears to be blowing smoke.
 Joe got play doh and made Uncle Sam
 Steph made a Mac symbol
 I made ice cream! Brian made a turd making but I selectively did not photograph that. 
 Group- awkward family portrait. I bet you all LOVE my 80s skiing sweater!  I wish I had a photo of how awfully it clashed with my floral print tights.

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