Love is a strong word.  I tend to throw it around when I see a nice dress or fabric.  There are some things in life that I will feel love for to its fullest extent for the rest of my life.  Here are a few of them:

 Flying kites
 Traveling with Lauren and TJ
 Riding my bike with Brian.  I wish we had a tandem like this one we saw in Louisville.
 Pretty coffee!
 Eating at the Melting Pot!
 Treasure hunting
 BUTTONS! Especially vintage.  This is only half of my collection...
Wearing vintage (I just looked through photos I took for my Etsy, like this, and I haven't listed the majority.  What fits me will probably make its way into my closet when I return to Cinci/Ky)
Going to Disney World with my family.  Hopefully the whole family including Brian and John can go next time!

What are some things you are positive you'll always love?
You're awesome -Mallory.


  1. tandems are super fun. we have one and ride it around the city all the time in the summer. you can find some cheap ones on craigslist if you're really interested!

  2. I've seen them on there before, but I'm not sure Brian would like it as much as I would haha

  3. ohhh I love love love the Melting Pot! we have nothing like that here in the UK! :o(


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