I miss Brian, my friends, and my family so much.  They're doing a really great job here of keeping me busy and I love that.  Luckily Skype is really easing the pain, too.  I've even gotten to talk to Madison!

I also read this morning that Magic Kingdom in Disney World is expanding.  I want to go to Disney with Brian more than I want to do anything else.  Would it be bad of me to set up a foundation "Take Brian to Disney for the First Time" to raise funds?

I wish that wasn't frowned upon :)

You can really tell they're siblings here!


  1. i want to go back to disney world too!! maybe since it's expanding that means the lines will be smaller... :) and your sartorialist suggestion was funny. that was immediate reaction too! "there's this blog you should check out...." haha

  2. You just have to go when it's not peak season in Disney and take advantage of the magic hours and fast passes, and you will not have lots of lines. I've been to wdw 5 times now, but Brian never has!

    I'm glad you passed on the Sartorialist suggestion :)

  3. my hubby is a P R O at finding the best off peak times and sussing out which park to go to on which day because of magic hours etc. we LOVE it there!!!! i hope you get to go soon!!!
    also? skype rules!!

  4. Haha yeah I really cannot wait to take Brian! He really wants to go too!


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