New Shoes and nails ♥

I got some new shoes today!  Yay! I'm totally wearing them tomorrow!  This is the first job I've ever had where I can wear heels and not feel like my feet will fall off at the end of the day.

I painted my nails with little hearts and a clear coat yesterday!  I love Valentine's day in general, (it's probably because I love heart iconography so much) but this year is extra special because Brian is visiting me in Springfield V-day weekend!  I've already gotten some suggestions of what we should do when he's here, but I'm totally open for more suggestions!  I think we have a dinner place picked out, but I need to make reservations!

I heart you too readers!


  1. I had purple glittery nails but they are soooo chipped now I really need to deal with them! I love those shoes they are very cool. I wear my pink Mary Jane DMs nearly every day for work but they are so mashed up that I really could do with another pair of shoes.

  2. Mary Janes are fab. They're so versatile!

  3. those shoes are hott! and that is an adorable nail idea!

  4. Aw thanks! Someone told me my nails were chipped the day after painting them! Excuse me, they're hearts!


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