Celebrity Look-Alike!

(Original Cate photo from Esquire)

I have been reading I Go By Katie ever since Katie started following me on Twitter (follow me here).  Today I came across her post of celebrity look-alikes so I decided to post one I've heard a lot lately: Cate Blanchett.   Of course that's a really flattering one, so I don't mind.

I hope your weekend was lovely.  I plan on working every second until the RV dress line launches.  Today I made an itemized schedule and I'm feeling pretty good!  After the launch though I plan on taking a day or two off.  YAY, big rewards!  Love, Mallory.


  1. How cute! You do have a look of her, both pretty! I'm gonna check out Katies lookalikes post now! :)

  2. Oh, I can definitely see the resemblance!

    Good luck finishing up the dress line - I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it!


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