Entire Red Velvet Collection!

Spring Line 2011

Elsie just gave me the go ahead to post this picture.  I think looking at the dress line as a whole is super special, and validates all of our hard work.  It really got me motivated to get to my sewing space this morning.

I think our next one will be even more exciting!  Possibilities for pondering?  I think yes!  We've already begun sketching for fall!  Can you believe that?!  I feel like the luckiest girl ever.
Love, Mallory


  1. You girls made a wonderful work!!
    I hope I can get myself one of these lovely dresses!!
    They're just perfect for spring and summer!
    I can't wait to see your fall pieces now! :)

  2. These are adorable! And I'm really impressed by your sewing of the scalloped collar on the Piano Dress, that's not easy to do! Yay!


  3. You've done so well!! You can totally see how much hard work has gone into this line, it looks amazing! Congrats to everyone involved! :)

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  5. Thanks girls!

    Julie- :) After my mom saw the video that's the first thing she said. The second was, "I'm impressed by how well you matched the stripes!" Yay for actually learning stuff at school!

  6. So incredible, Mallory! I made a little mention/link of you in my latest blog. xo

  7. What an accomplishment really. Beautiful work.


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