Lust List 2

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A year ago I didn't like mocassins.  I'm still pretty picky, but all of the Darlingtonias are lovely.  I want the teal fringed ones. Bad.

I have a thing for birds.  Therefore I need this bird necklace :)

This bag is SO beautiful!  It's upcycled from a suede jacket (that I'm assuming was ugly early 2000s)!

I don't have any little 2t girl relations, but if I did I'd surely buy them this vintage dress.

I'm sure these Steven by Steve Madden shoes would love to join the party in my closet.

I just think this antique opal ring is so pretty!

I have been in search of the perfect pair of 70s wide leg jeans (like Farrah's) since the spring 2011 fashion week this fall.  Tonight Elsie and I decided to go on a Red Velvet stock treasure hunt soon in search of some.  I am super excited!

I am also super excited because one of the Red Velvet dress pictures was released today!  So if you haven't yet pop on over to A Beautiful Mess and check out the Golden Afternoon dress!
Love, Mallory


  1. Oh these are all such cute finds! I've been lusting after a pair of Darlingtonia moccasins forever now (maybe I'll put them on my birthday list). That necklace is also too cute for words!

  2. Darlingtonia makes the cutest moccasins! and that darling little girl outfit reminds me of one of your recent outfit posts. ;)

  3. Mandy- birthday list the mocs! Their packaging is beautiful too!

    Julie- I totally know what you mean! I think you even saw me the day I was wearing that!

  4. So exited to find my bird necklace here! :D Thank you so much!!

  5. Oh, I love the Darlingtonia moccasins - Katie's work is so pretty! I have my eye on a studded pair...


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