Gotta Get Down on Friday

Tonight I have a date with my watercolor, CAD, and bodywear homework.  I'm only doing it tonight because I want a stress free Saturday with the boy.  Then Sunday a photoshoot with my friend Jojo.

Plus, I just bought HP7 (2 disc edition available only at Walmart) and plan on watching it all night as I paint and eat bacon.  All-in-all it's not a bad way to spend a Friday.


  1. Ahh, I love seeing your sketches!

    I'm an art student (oil painter), but at a liberal arts school so I feel like my experience has been much less specialized. I'm so jealous, it looks so much fun!

  2. I'm at a public University we just have a very strong design program. ♥

  3. Stumbled over here from Twitter - loving those watercolors! So pretty :)

  4. i love your watercolors too! i know you're passion is fashion design, but have you thought about doing fashion themed watercolor paintings and putting those in your etsy? just a thought :)

    you are crazy talented. what kind of watercolors do you use?

  5. Danielli- I have considered that. I've also considered selling them through Red Velvet. Just one of those things I've never made time for :) Maybe eventually!


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