wardrobe- trend Edition: Sheers!

outfit- trends, sheer

Outfit details
sheer top- H&M for $5!
dress- TJ Maxx (Thanks Mom)
tights- Asos
shoes- so old I can't remember!
bracelet- made by Madison

Thanks to my mom for taking these photos after Jill and I did this makeup tutorial.

outfit- trends, sheer

outfit- trends, sheer

outfit- trends, sheer

Do you remember that I'm explaining how to wear some current/upcoming trends (explained here)?  Well, here is my sheer outfit!  Sheers aren't as scary as they may seem.  Think of them as a layering pieces.  Some daring people wear them with fancy panties and underthings.  I may try it with a cute bandeau as the weather continues to warm, but for the most part think about layering sheer tops and dresses over AND under tops and dresses.  You can play with patterns or color blocking like I did.  Most importantly, have fun with it!

xoxo, Mallory

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  1. definitely love sheers! something i need to add to my wardrobe soon.


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