The Beauty is in Details

Accessories or lack thereof really are what pull an outfit together.
This is a quarter machine apple ring left in the bathroom drawer by my sister years ago.

Stamped bracelet is a Christmas gift from my oldest sister!  I think she got them on Etsy.
friendship bracelet I made a long time ago for Brian but it was too small, and I made him a new one.  As I was packing I found it so I tied it on as a daily reminder of him.

modified bun/mohawk/up-do, hairstyle/thinga-ma-jig

These are from my iPhone, and aren't perfect, but I realized the other day that I should include more detail and accessories shots in my posts.  So, this one is dedicated to my new effort :)

xo, Mallory

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  1. Cute hair style! Really unique too!! I may have to try it out, it looks super fun :)


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