Gilded 1

This is the watercolor collection we designed piece by piece this spring quarter at school.  It was inspired by these Jeffrey Campbell shoes.  I'm so in love with the outcome!  I wish I had every single garment.

Gilded 2

Gilded 3

Gilded 4

Gilded 5

Gilded 6

I like the slight veer of direction to a bit more fashion forward but still obviously vintage inspired look. See the collection I did in the fall here.

  Which look would you like to have the most?
xo, Mallory


  1. I love the white skirt and blue crop top. The whole collection is great!

  2. great work! i love the watercolor of the JC. perfecto!

  3. I so love the dress with hearts all over it, majorly cute! All of the designs look lovely!


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