Wardrobe Pictures- lace shorts

Outfit details:
dress- H&M
shoes- 2nd hand from Avalon Exchange in STL

Thanks Elsie for taking these photos :)

I also wore these lace shorts underneath.  I made them the other day.  Tomorrow I'll show you how I made them and how you can get a similar look with less work!

I love simple and versatile projects like these!

Xo, Mallory


  1. Such a cute outfit and I love the shorts! I was just thinking about what to wear tomorrow, and would definitely be more likely to wear a dress if I had cute little shorts on underneath! :)

  2. va-va-voom! i was just talking about wanting some bike shorts with lace edges to wear under my kinda-short dresses, so i can't wait!

  3. Love the shorts!!!! So CUTE! ~ Darlene

  4. LOVE these photos. YOU look great, and those shorts are awesome.

    That last pic is my absolute favorite! Adorable. <3

  5. love the pale color scheme here. really brings out your eyes and hair. lovely.


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