There are lots of platforms that you can use to make sure you read all the blogs you love, but my personal favorite is Bloglovin' because it has the best interface.  I enjoy the previews for each post in chronological order.  I often get behind, then I can click Mark all as read.  My favorite feature is in the left sidebar of each blog's page there are suggestions of other blogs followed by the same people.

It's lovely.  Check it out and if you prefer it you can follow me here!
No pressure though :)

xoxo, Mallory


  1. Been a follower on bloglovin since a whole while now :)
    I also find bloglovin to be the absolute best to keep track of your blogs.
    you are a huge inspiration when it comes to getting my but of the couch and getting startet. Always have the feeling you work really hard for what you want. Love that. keep up the good vibes ;)


  2. I just started using Bloglovin and I love it! It is how I found you!!

  3. Mel, thank you! It really means a lot!

    You ladies are all awesome!


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