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I've had a few concerned comments about if I was being taken advantage of at Red Velvet.  You don't have to worry about me at all.  First let me explain a few things... my school has a mandatory 6 internships built into the fashion design program.  My first was production sewing in Cincinnati.  My second was at Red Velvet this winter, and now I'm doing my third at RV this summer (I'm hoping for my fourth to be at Anthropologie). Most of my classmates go and work at companies like Aeropostale, Abercrombie, and JC Penney, doing classic "intern" work in NYC getting paid minimum wage and living with 3 other girls.  Though some do some really cool things like my friend Rachel.

Yes, I work REALLY hard, and often up to 48 hours a week, but my experiences at Red Velvet couldn't be more beneficial!  An internship is all about learning, networking, pushing yourself, and building your resume/portfolio experience.  Here is why I'm not being taken advantage of:

The biggest pro is that I get to work with Elsie and Emma.  A million girls (and boys?) would kill to even meet them.  It's undeniable how much power Elsie has in the handmade market, but she has never said anything to me that sounded egostistical or self centered.  She's just a talented designer like any other but happens to have a large fan base.  These girls have imparted so much knowledge about business, marketing, blogging, sales, etc.  If I ever ask any question about business or money you wouldn't expect a boss to answer, they answer honestly because they want to teach me all that they can!

The Best
I couldn't have dreamt of a better way to network with the quirky, vintage, handmade, blogging, and fashion worlds.  I bet most of you wouldn't have found my blog without Elsie, which is awesome. I have also made lots of great friends working/living here like Rachel, Holly, Katie, and Sarah.  I've read and loved their blogs for a long time!  Not to mention I met Stacy of Eisley, who I've listened to for a long time.  I absolutely adore Stacy and was so excited to play dress up with her and Elsie one night.  I've heard snippets from her, Jeremy, and Darren's album and know it will be an instant favorite of mine.

Free cupcakes, cake pops, and bubble tea. Every day.

My resume will now have on it that I produced a 100+ piece spring collection by myself!  In a few weeks I'll be able to add that I oversaw 4 other interns and the production of a 400+ piece fall collection including mens accessories.  Over 200 pieces will be made by me personally (with Chrissy's cutting talents)!
The big question was do they do compensate me?  Yes, I moved 9 hours away from home so they pay me, often times feed me, and pay for my housing.  I won't discuss numbers, but I am comfortable.  Most of my monetary compensation comes from the DIY Dress Up e-course (part also paid for the fabric for the collection).  So, if you want to help me pay for my school loans AND have me teach you how to sew, go buy it!  Oh, and after the first launch they bought me a Marc Jacobs bag!!!
I'm sure I could keep gushing about how amazing Red Velvet, Elsie, and Emma are.  If you're one of Elsie's followers this won't by any means be the last you'll see of me, but I need to have some different experiences before I graduate and settle into a real job.  For now I'll sum up my internship with this quote from Elsie's last dress line story "Mallory was sewing up a storm! She really put in a lot of hours... she really deserves the credit for the production of absolutely the entire line... over 100 dresses. She had a new pattern for every single size, collars, buttons, zippers and so much more to think about. It was a crazy list, to say the least. Mallory had an incredible attitude. We are so proud of the hard work she did and have grown to consider her a part of our team. She's wonderful and took a lot of pride in her work for Red Velvet."

See, they love me.  I love them.  I love you all for being so supportive.
xo, Mallory


  1. This really makes me happy and inspires me. It shows the world from a semi-outside perspective that all of those ladies are as wonderful and inspirational as they seem. Most importantly, it shows that they are as kind as they seem, which is a personal reason that I fell in love with their blogs.

    You're really done some gorgeous work, Mallory. You're also one of those ladies that a lot of us who are creative inclined look up to as well. I hope you know that.

  2. Yay, Mallory! Even though a lot of us found you via Elsie, we stick with you because you're great :) Looking forward to perusing your future endeavors and can't wait to see the new line that you oversaw!

  3. Hey Mallory, well said and ur work is BEAUTIFUL. Keep it going gal. You and the Red VElvet team inspire me in many ways. :)

  4. its nice to hear the story. there are some crazy weirdos in internet land and i have heard all kinds of stories... but it is always better from the horses mouth, so to speak :D

  5. Aw, Mallory, you are such a peach! You have an amazing talent/skill, as well as a shining personality. We love you... x 1,000,000. <3

  6. This is a lovely story and one that you can all be proud of. There is nothing more inspiring than small businesses supporting other people, because you know how heartfelt it is.

    Can't wait to see the collection and do the DIY Dress Up course!

    Keep up your good work and am sure we'll all be keeping an eye on your next adventure!

    Funtime x

    London vintage, lovely prices...

  7. Whew!

    I've been an Elsie fan for a long time, but that last dress line through me for a loop. I couldn't help but think that it was really the product of an unpaid intern. I pictured her sketching the dresses, but leaving the actual process up to you. Then later claiming it all as her success.

    Thanks for answering those questions. It is nice to hear that you are compensated for your time. Your an amazing blogger and artist!

  8. It's a relief to hear this. There are some crazy things being said about this dress line and it's nice to know that they aren't true. I can officially buy a Red Velvet Dress without guilt.

  9. Wow, I had no idea just how much you do. Keep up the awesome work :)

  10. I love how you said it all! you're incredibly talented and I love reading your blog to keep up with all you're doing. :) I know the Red Velvet team is totally proud of having you and you of it.

  11. wonderful, mallory! you are a sensation and i loved meeting you!

    love, polly :D

  12. This was so heartwarming to read! I've loved working with you these past two seasons and I'm so happy you've had a great experience. You are very loved.

  13. Oh, there's always somebody ready to belittle other people for being successful - I always thought it was incredible what you've all achieved as a team (I did wonder how you covered your living costs, though, as across here work placements are almost always unpaid!). Best of luck for your future career.

  14. Thanks so much for sharing your internship experiences with RV! I had no idea how much bigger this fall collection is compared to the last one you worked on. You've done some incredible work in the past and I can't wait to see what's ahead for your future! xo

  15. Aww Mallory it makes me so happy that you love this place and that they love you. And DANG that is gonna look good on a resume!!1

    So glad I'm not doing "intern" work, too. I'd be so bored haha.

  16. I'm so glad you could clear the air for some people, because i know firsthand how wonderfully gracious Elsie and the Red Velvet team are. Everyone (including yourself) upholds such integrity for the line and personal works that it's truly inspirational to know/see successful people can be honest and down-to-earth.

    Can't wait for the launch, Mallory! I'm already blown away by the sneak peeks!

  17. I would say you are soo lucky to have had the opportunity to do such a wonderful internship, but actually, you clearly deserve it and earned it so it would be wrong to use the word 'lucky'. Well done, I'm sure the RV team were equally lucky to have you xo

  18. This was awesome to read. I always feel like we readers don't get to see the real Red Velvet. The picture they paint on the internet is so perfect and rosy.

    I do like that about them, but bloggers who answer their reader's questions and admit to having off days (like my favorite Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky)are easier to relate to.

    You kind of hit the perfect note. Happy and positive, but also busy and missing the boyfriend! I'll be a reader for a long time because it seems very real!

    *Also that wasn't meant as a diss for the red velvet girls. They seem awesome, just very carefully marketed.


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