Red Velvet: Fall Lookbook Video

Have you seen the fall lookbook video yet?!  Well why not?!  Do it now :)

I hope you loved it! If you still haven't snagged a dress we still have stock in most of the styles on the RV site, but hurry!

♥ Mallory


  1. I love it! You must be so proud. I bought the flower shop dress, which arrived the other day. I adore it and am trying to work out if I can afford another one.

  2. Oh I love it so much! I received my first date dress in the mail yesterday and I'm wearing it today on my 5th wedding anniversary! It's perfect!
    Sophie x

  3. I love the video. So SO cute. XO, Rae


  4. the video is great (as is the new line yall have been working so hard on)!!
    i also just wanted to say i love your inspiring style. i even blogged about it today. you can check it out here (if you want):

  5. I know I asked this on the DIY Sewing page, but wanted to ask again here. I've been thinking about getting the Brother sewing machine, but have been reading some negative reviews about it breaking down quickly. Just wanted to know your opinion on it.


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