Red Velvet: Today is the Day!

Things have been busy around the Red Velvet store and studio.  So busy in fact that I have only gotten out my real camera once this week, WHOA!  Tomorrow is the big launch day and we've worked so hard, while having so much fun that I thought you'd like to see all of the process via my Instagram photos.

The girls who go to Missouri State started back to school last week, so we had to call in some emergency helping hands.  I took on an extra dress (I'm sewing 6 of the 10 styles now, I'm crazy), and Missy our super awesome amazing friend jumped in and is helping save the day (more about her at a later date).

So, this and last week has been filled with sewing, playing dress up, a few extra hours, lots of sugar, lots of slap happy giggling, silly dancing, LOTS of tea and coffee, and some REALLY positive attitudes.  I've loved every minute!

xoxo, Mallory


  1. So exciting! Hope the launch goes fantastic :)

  2. Oh it's so exciting! Loving the instagram photos and can't wait for the launch, I'm counting down the hours!
    Sophie x

  3. Irene Wibowo9/1/11, 7:55 AM

    wow.. nice.. i love it!! :)

    Love Simple Green

  4. YAY! YAY! YAY! Congrats! I've been waiting for this day as I'm sure you have been too! xo, rv



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