Wonderful Christmastime Playlist!

So, around my corner of the world Christmas is kinda huge.  Don't be surprised if I go a little Christmas crazy.  By a little I mean a LOT!  I mentioned here that I have already started my shopping and last week I made my first diy Christmas decor of the year.  In fact we have 36 days until Christmas, so let's get excited people!  To help you get in the spirited mood I've made you a playlist of my favorite Christmas songs.

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I'm sure that helped you get in the cheery mood ;)
xo, Mallory


  1. this makes me so happy
    I love Christmas :)

  2. I'm super christmas crazy already too, you're not the only one :) thanks for this playlist, it's really putting me in the right mood!

  3. How cute are you? I'm totally Christmas crazy and I've been playing the She & Him Christmas album all the time to prove it ;-)

  4. ooo totally listening to this :)


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