Tailoring Project!

Today was the very last day of this quarter!  Everything has been presented and turned in.  These pants and this jacket are the crowning glory of this quarter's work.  The jacket required more hand stitching than I have cumulatively done my entire life.  Brian can vouch for how many hours went into it because he very patiently waited and napped through almost every second.  Let's just say, I have a very large amount of respect for tailors now.

So, last Friday was my big critique and I received the score today of 4.68 of 5!  WOO HOO!  Yesterday I talked Brian into modeling one more time so I could have some photos to share.  Then Dexter decided he wanted to join our photoshoot.  I obliged and decided to take some of him, too!  Two cutie models :)

Tonight I am going to watch a movie without sewing at the same time, and go to bed early.  It will be glorious!

:) Mallory


  1. Wow! You did an amazing job! I love the final product and you have two adorable models for sure :)

  2. SO impressive. My aim for next year is to learn to sew, not that I expect to get this result, but am definitely inspired!

  3. Wow, nice work! And I love the chevron detail on the tie - it brings it all together nicely.

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