Winter Goals

Today, I read Emma's post about turning a rough time into a time to better yourself and fulfill goals.  That Emma is a smart girl.  Now,  I'm not going through a rough time, but I do still have some goals for this winter.  She inspired me to make a list of my goals to accomplish in the evenings during co-op this winter.  Most have been on the list forever because I tend to think there is 40 hours in the day rather than 24.

1. Draw up a Noah's Ark tattoo for Brian.  He's been asking for months, plus I just put him through modeling.

2. Design Lauren's wedding invites, programs, etc.
(also, check out that rock, TJ did good! Stole this photo from her facebook)

3. Draw/Paint more.  Sell some?!
4. Design some accessories

5. Spend time with family
6. Blog Makeover!

Well I have more like cleaning my car and room, but that's not exciting.  Hey, and thank you for being such incredibly supportive readers.

xoxo, Mallory


  1. great goals! I'm excited to see more of your designs (I'm new to your blog!), I really like what I've seen so far of your illustrations!

    i've got some goals for this month too :http://eef-etc.com/category/goals/

  2. I love lists, I always feel more in control of things that need done that way :-)

    You look absolutely beautiful in that first photo!

  3. I love this blog. Please never stop posting!

  4. Bah, thank you for reminding me that I really need to not let my next three days off in a row go to waste. Time to get workin'!


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