Love is a strong word.  I tend to throw it around when I see a nice dress or fabric.  There are some things in life that I will feel love for to its fullest extent for the rest of my life.  Here are a few of them:

 Flying kites
 Traveling with Lauren and TJ
 Riding my bike with Brian.  I wish we had a tandem like this one we saw in Louisville.
 Pretty coffee!
 Eating at the Melting Pot!
 Treasure hunting
 BUTTONS! Especially vintage.  This is only half of my collection...
Wearing vintage (I just looked through photos I took for my Etsy, like this, and I haven't listed the majority.  What fits me will probably make its way into my closet when I return to Cinci/Ky)
Going to Disney World with my family.  Hopefully the whole family including Brian and John can go next time!

What are some things you are positive you'll always love?
You're awesome -Mallory.


Ups and Downs

Every project has its ups and downs.  Yesterday was the first down I've had on this project other than being frustrated with fabric providers.  It was a day when I had set a goal for myself and thought I would reach it without problem.  I was wrong and ended up wasting a time on a lost cause collar.  Since my Saturday was such a fail, I decided to go into work today.  I am so incredibly glad that I did because I got to help with/witness the new Red Velvet makeover, met my goal from yesterday, and did a mini fitting with our amazing model Sarah.  She has an stunning face and bright red hair!

photo from the rva site

Now that I'm home I'm going to finish up my final supply purchase sourcing! Soon I'll be watching Harry Potter and reteaching myself to crochet.  I'm kinda winging it along with a little help from this helpful website.

Wish me luck! ♥ Mallory


Today I wore a hat.

I don't wear hats often, but today I decided to wear a favorite of mine.  It's a fuzzy vintage one that Brian and I bought when we went to Louisville last year (for all you non-Kentuckians you say it Loo-uh-vull).  Elsie and I made a fabric emergency road trip today, that yielded success.

While doing our fabric shopping and an hour or two of personal shopping I got lots of compliments on this hat.  I think I'll have to wear it more often! Oh, and I bought a really cute dress from Urban tonight.  I'll probably wear it tomorrow because it's supposed to be in the 60s here! Crazy, right?


Prettiest Cake Ever!

I just wanted to share how pretty Emma's gradient birthday cake is!  I love the little hearts!

Just posting these two pictures is making my mouthwater.  I am definitely going to try one of her carrot cake cupcakes tomorrow before they sell out!


New Shoes and nails ♥

I got some new shoes today!  Yay! I'm totally wearing them tomorrow!  This is the first job I've ever had where I can wear heels and not feel like my feet will fall off at the end of the day.

I painted my nails with little hearts and a clear coat yesterday!  I love Valentine's day in general, (it's probably because I love heart iconography so much) but this year is extra special because Brian is visiting me in Springfield V-day weekend!  I've already gotten some suggestions of what we should do when he's here, but I'm totally open for more suggestions!  I think we have a dinner place picked out, but I need to make reservations!

I heart you too readers!


Random working photos!

I took all of these photos in the studio! I hope you enjoy some small insight into what I do every day!

 Brian's sister Madison sent this to me!  I hung it above the dress samples!

 Playing after making a flower crown, that you may have already seen!

One of the upcoming turbans.  This is just a sample though. 


Here's a informal peek of one of my skirt styles that will sell on the new RV website!

I had 2 more but blogger in it's infinite annoyingness won't upload them.  Would anyone recommend moving this blog to Typepad?  I've never tried it out though I'm sure one of these lovely ladies would show me around it if I asked.

I'm going to start sewing samples in our real fabrics!  I'm super pumped! ♥ Mallory



This is what I wore today:
heart necklace= hand-me-down
sweater= gifted from my sisters when I was in 8th grade! It's from American Eagle.
Cutest of Cupcakes tank top- H&M
jean shorts- thrifted vintage
tights- dance store- Bloch
wedge heels- Urban Outfitters

Gingher scissors- compliments of Santa Claus
lipstick is the Cover Girl lipstain I talked about in this post

Red Velvet is closed on Mondays but I decided to go to the studio and work on my skirt samples.  I'm going to wear them in a photoshoot for the website!  Exciting, right?

Elsie took this pictures for me with the fancy pants lighting and camera system.  It was very sweet of her.
Tonight I got Chipotle for the first time since I've been here.  I love Chipotle.  Brian and I go at least once a week.  I like doing little things that remind me of him and home :)

I'm gonna watch Mad Men now! ttfn!


Blog loves

I am currently reading Elsie's Blog Love e-course.  I would recommend it for any rookie blogger like myself, and that's not just because I work with her :)

It's really great because she talks about how you find your own personal place in the blogging world.  With anything, developing your own style and style rules is important, so her prompts are great to help you discover that!
For now though I am up too late, when I have a date with Dash (and my laundry) in the morning!  I think it's time to listen to my slow mix (new lullaby playlist) from Brian :)

Night all!


Awesome in a Photo!

You can't even try to tell me these kids aren't aadorable!  On the left is my cousin Carter, and the right is my nephew Dashiell.  They apparently had a sleepover.  They are awesome. period.

Legwear Love

I've kinda been obsessed with tights and socks since I was little.  I had to wear those baby pink ones to dance class from age 5-10, and when we were allowed to wear whatever we wanted I got super excited!

Yay!  I hope your weekend is lovely :)

Don't look back

I love She & Him. It's not just because I think Zooey Deschanel is the most stylish celebrity, which she is.  I also love the music. Oh! I also love their music videos!  This one is Don't Look Back:

She & Him - Don't Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo.


Best Boyfriend Ever

Brian and I have a journal we send back and forth, and have had it for a year now.  Since I'm out of town I received it in the mail yesterday and was ecstatic!  I was even  more excited when I noticed he included a handmade cd sleeve with 2 mixes he made for me!  One is fast and upbeat and the other is pretty and softer.

Awesome right?

He'll get here 3 weeks from this weekend!  I'm so incredibly excited to see him.  I may just tackle him with a bear hug as soon as he steps in Red Velvet!

I'm going to watch some Mad Men season 3 now.  I have no shame in admitting that I have watched 2 and a half seasons in 2 and a half weeks!
Love, Mallory

Beauty Essentials: finishing touches!

Here are my final steps in my beauty routine!

I sleep or stay in bed every morning till the last minute, so sometimes I throw my hair into a ponytail, but I almost always tease it!  The best tools I've found for teasing are this teasing comb (Amped Up by Cricket) and Aussie hairspray with at least 3 of the 4 dots for hold strength.  No matter if I wear my hair up or down I tease around the crown of my head by hairspraying, teasing, then lifting the next section.  After that I always brush out the top layer so it doesn't look like a rats nest.

For day after showering hair I spray in some Psssssst and it soaks up some grease and makes my hair a bit springier again.  Sometimes after showering I use this shag spray, but I'm not sure if it has much effect.

My very favorite lotions are Lush Dream Cream and Lac-Hydrin 5.  DC smells like olive oil and LH5 has a weird scent too, but I don't even care because they actually improve my skins texture long term when I use them.  I have those red bumps on the back of my biceps (keratosis pilaris), and when I use either of these it really improves them!

I hope this was informative or helpful in some way!
Check out my first post of my daily products, & my second with my going out products!

xoxo, Mallory


Beauty Essentials: Going Out

I never really get too fancy when I go out.  I just make sure I have my trusty eyeliner, and some lip color.  My favorites for lips are tinted Burt's Bees, Cover Girl Lipstain, and this two sided CG lip color/gloss that I've had forever.  I always put on original Burt's Bees or Bath & Body Works warm vanilla sugar gloss  before doing a lipcolor.  It keeps your lips moisturized so you don't have to reapply too much!  Occasionally I wear eyeshadow, and I have like 10 mineral eye shadows from Orglamix on Etsy.  She has really great deals via  her Facebook fan page!

See, I like to keep it pretty simple. Bye for now!


I miss Brian, my friends, and my family so much.  They're doing a really great job here of keeping me busy and I love that.  Luckily Skype is really easing the pain, too.  I've even gotten to talk to Madison!

I also read this morning that Magic Kingdom in Disney World is expanding.  I want to go to Disney with Brian more than I want to do anything else.  Would it be bad of me to set up a foundation "Take Brian to Disney for the First Time" to raise funds?

I wish that wasn't frowned upon :)

You can really tell they're siblings here!


Swoon Worthy

I have always loved Mid Century Modern.  I'm not even sure why...  maybe my Mom? Is that it Mom?

Either way these images make me weak in the knees!

 I would only be able to commit to having a pink dining set or cabinets, but holy cow I love this picture! Especially the train painting!
For the last 2 check out this whole photostream!

Have a happy atomic evening, love mallory :)

Beauty Essentials: daily routine

Since I have replaced all of my eye make-up today I decided to finally post on all of my personal beauty essentials.  It's a bit too many products to share in 1 day so i've split it up into a few days

For today, here are the things I wear on a daily basis:

This seems like a lot so let me explain.  I'm a cheapo so I only buy drugstore makeup, some Etsy products, and Lush (handmade cosmetic company sold at a counter in Macy's and online).  In the shower I use Buche de Noel facial cleanser by Lush and follow up with a tea tree bar soap on my face and body. This is the best facial cleanser I've ever tried, plus it smells like Christmas.
My skin is really tricky.  It's sensitive and dries/flakes easily with alcohol and acid products, but it gets oily throughout the day due to my bangs.  I get deep blemishes in my T-zone especially when I'm stressed.  I've tried lots of brands and product lines but they either over dried my skin or it left it too moisturized and I still got blemishes.  With Buche de Noel (or their non seasonal Angels on Bare Skin) my skin isn't too dry or greasy.

After showering I apply Green Tea moisturizer from an Etsy Shop.  If my skin is broken out I mix Lush Colour Supplement with my moisturizer to even out my skin tone.  If my skin isn't too broken out I apply Skin Clearing concealer to blemishes.  If nothing else in the morning I always use Age Rewind concealer on my dark circles (lovely family trait).  I finish off with Mineral Power powder and Great Lash BIG mascara.  I have a friend who works for a high end cosmetics company and she still swears by Great Lash.

If I'm feeling flirty I add a cat eye or plain liner to my upper lid and right below my lower lash line.  Today I bought blush for the first time in ages and I plan on testing it out tomorrow.  I also carry an extra mascara in my purse in case I'm running behind schedule, which I usually am.

This was a bit lengthier than I expected, congrats and thanks if you made it through!  I'll share my going out products tomorrow :)

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