Coffee Breaks 4eva!

The other night I was skyping Brian and said I was going to paint my nails.  He said I should put "Brian 4 eva" on them.  Guess what... I did.  I thought it was funny, and it made him think I'm awesome, win-win.
enlarge to see the letters

I have a very specific morning schedule: wake up, text brian, check my email, get ready, drop my stuff off at work, get coffee, have a chat with the RV crew and let the caffeine set in, then I get to work.  Today however, I was the first one to the store and thought I should take advantage and pretend I was 5 again.

I've been sewing non-stop at work for about 10 days now (besides coffee, cupcake, and lunch breaks).  Luckily Doren has come in a few times to cut some of the pieces out for me.  Elsie has also sewn on a LOT of buttons.  They're troopers.

The dresses go up for sale at 6pm Tuesday, March 1st!  If you have your heart set on any of the dresses you should probably have the website up and ready then.
Love, Mallory


Entire Red Velvet Collection!

Spring Line 2011

Elsie just gave me the go ahead to post this picture.  I think looking at the dress line as a whole is super special, and validates all of our hard work.  It really got me motivated to get to my sewing space this morning.

I think our next one will be even more exciting!  Possibilities for pondering?  I think yes!  We've already begun sketching for fall!  Can you believe that?!  I feel like the luckiest girl ever.
Love, Mallory


Lookbook Video!

I'm posting this just in case you haven't seen it yet.  This is the lookbook for the very first Red Velvet in-house dress line!

I'm so honored that I was allowed to make ALL of these dresses and help Elsie style the video and everything else.  A big thanks to Brandon for making our video dreams come true, to our super amazing models Sarah and Morgan, and to Emma and Jeremy for the support and dealing with all of Elsie and I's agonizing conversations about which buttons to choose, where our fabric may be, how to dye the fabric, how deep should the hem be, etc.

Before I get too award acceptance speech sounding I'll stop there :)
Love, Mallory

Bedroom Peeks


Since I have a new bunch of bloggy friends I thought I should share some photos of my bedroom at home. I redid it this last summer and put a ton of time and thought into what should/shouldn't have a home there.  I think it's rather pretty, though I still have no duvet cover.

dress wall

tinkerbell, ears, mickey, alien!

pictures and randoms


mini deer

jewelry display

Ceramic Cranes


I hope you like it!  My cat slept through the whole photoshoot.  She's precious!
Love, Mallory


Harry Potter Marathon?!

It is absolutely no secret that I'm obsessed with Harry Potter.  Brian prefers not to watch the movies (or tread the books).  So, tonight when Brian said, "What will we do the first Saturday you're home?"  I replied "a Harry Potter Mega-Marathon!"  The surprising part happened when he agreed without any persuasion!  I am so excited I thought I'd share my favorite Harry Potter film moments with you.

Now I'm going to watch the Half-Blood Prince!
Love, Mallory

Fall Favorite ♥ 3

I really enjoyed Milly's styling and super modern take on the 70s trends for the fall.  I also love that they partook in the sheer layering trend.  I'll also say again that I will have the perfect pair of high waist pants this fall.  Even if I have to make them.

Love, Mallory

Record Store Jumper!


You've probably already seen this photo of Morgan in the Record Store Jumper.  I absolutely adore it!  Today I came very close to being finished with all of the jumpers I'm producing to sell.  So, I went ahead and attached the first inside hang tags (with the sizes) to all 19 of them.  There were 20 until Elsie snatched one :)

RV Record Store Jumper

RV Record Store Jumper stack

♥, Mallory

p.s. Don't worry I'm snatching one soon too.


Lust List 2

lust list imageeeeee

A year ago I didn't like mocassins.  I'm still pretty picky, but all of the Darlingtonias are lovely.  I want the teal fringed ones. Bad.

I have a thing for birds.  Therefore I need this bird necklace :)

This bag is SO beautiful!  It's upcycled from a suede jacket (that I'm assuming was ugly early 2000s)!

I don't have any little 2t girl relations, but if I did I'd surely buy them this vintage dress.

I'm sure these Steven by Steve Madden shoes would love to join the party in my closet.

I just think this antique opal ring is so pretty!

I have been in search of the perfect pair of 70s wide leg jeans (like Farrah's) since the spring 2011 fashion week this fall.  Tonight Elsie and I decided to go on a Red Velvet stock treasure hunt soon in search of some.  I am super excited!

I am also super excited because one of the Red Velvet dress pictures was released today!  So if you haven't yet pop on over to A Beautiful Mess and check out the Golden Afternoon dress!
Love, Mallory


Celebrity Look-Alike!

(Original Cate photo from Esquire)

I have been reading I Go By Katie ever since Katie started following me on Twitter (follow me here).  Today I came across her post of celebrity look-alikes so I decided to post one I've heard a lot lately: Cate Blanchett.   Of course that's a really flattering one, so I don't mind.

I hope your weekend was lovely.  I plan on working every second until the RV dress line launches.  Today I made an itemized schedule and I'm feeling pretty good!  After the launch though I plan on taking a day or two off.  YAY, big rewards!  Love, Mallory.


Last Weekend

Did you know the original Bass Pro Shop is in Springfield, MO?  Well it is.  Brian and I decided we had to do our tourist duties and check it out.  While there I made friends with some catfish and Brian got his American pride on.  Afterwards we went bowling with Elsie and Jeremy.  I got a 120 which is the best I ever have (and probably will) bowl in my life.

Thankfully Brian has this handy new iPhone and he took a bunch of pictures.
Love Mallory

Valentine Surprise

IDK my BFF Lauren!

This is my best friend Lauren.  She's a pretty cool cat.  She and her boyfriend, TJ, are driving to visit me here in Springfield next weekend.  I thought there was no way I could be more excited to see my best friends until Lauren sent me this picture today saying that she is bringing me Valentine's chocolate from my FAVORITE local ice cream/chocolate shop.  Now I am over the moon to see them!

I sent her this one to her on Monday :)
What's your favorite chocolate?  I think I should stop by Askinosie soon too, any suggestions?
Love Mallory

Fall Favorite ♥ 2

 Diane von Furstenberg is a fashion icon.  Hands down.  I love that her clothing is so figure flattering!  The bold prints, sequined dresses, and monochromatic looks are a home run this season.

I really adore the menswear for women point of view Donna Karan took on her DKNY collection.  The feminine touches like the use of sheers and the cut of the pants keep it wearable for every woman.

Until I started my sophomore year at Daap I thought draped neutral collections were the epitome of boring.  I have now grown to really appreciate the subtle art of draping and the difficulties of sewing fabrics with a nice enough hand to drape with.  This Donna Karan collection is a masterpiece of subtlety and perfectly combined textures.  I think the last gown is the most beautiful of the season (until I see Dior).  I'd also love the look of the fur cuffed gloves.  Of course if I were to wear any of these looks I'd add a brightly colored belt and a gawdy hair piece or necklace, but that's just me :)

Love Mallory
(Just to be clear I love the look of fur but I wish all fur was faux or vintage)


Fall Favorite ♥

I've looked through all of the designers whose shows I normally gravitate towards, and so far Alice + Olivia take the extremely prestigious award of being my favorite.  I love all of it especially the first 2 looks!  There were also a few classic chanel inspired looks.  Check out the whole collection at style.com

I have a few more favorites to share later on :)
Love Mallory

An Overview

Red Velvet Panorama

My camera crapped out and I had to buy another.  Brian helped me make an informed decision.  It's another point and shoot, I'm not made of money.  It takes photos 6 mp more than my last one and has a panorama setting so I've been taking a lot of pictures.

Coffee Addict

Today I got in my car and realized I've been drinking too much coffee.  Tonight I had a major craving for chocolate chip cookies so I bought the break and bake kind.  Delicious.  I guess all of the sugar and caffeine has gotten my creative juices flowing because I was super inspired to design.  I broke out my sketching materials for the first time since I started my co-op!


What have you been inspired to work on lately?
Love Mallory


Lust List- 1

lust list imageeeeee

I don't have the best track record with contninuing blog features, once again I think I have a winner.  For real this time!  Every Monday or Tuesday (maybe even Sunday, I'm trying to keep my schedule flexible) each week I'm going to share my list of things I've been lusting after and adding to my Etsy faves and various other shopping carts.   Basically I'm starting my Christmas list early this year.

I adore this sweatshirt from Urban.  We all know how much I love hearts!

Gahhh these BHLDN shoes are the most Mallory shoes I've seen in my entire life!  Though they'd be a bit more in trend if they were a wedge, but you can't win on every fashion front

This Mini Album pdf from Corey Marie is so super cute.  Late Valentine's gift?

I think this watercolor print is beautiful.  Plus it reminds me of Brian's tattoo, "Love is Real."

I am deeply in love with this vintage dress from Flirt Vintage.  I'm such a sucker for gingham.
I love retro phones, but I'm always afraid they won't work.  This phone from Mod Cloth is a perfect compromise.

Handmade shoes from Golden Ponies on Etsy.  They're cute, handmade, AND afforbale.  Can this be true?

I feel like this is the beginning of a good thing.  Love Mallory