Found Objects Dress

found object dress

found object dress

For our first project for draping we were to use materials that aren't fabric.  Plus we just had to pin it to the dress form, not sew it.  I made mine from metallic gift wrap, letter strips, and gold and silver bulletin board border.

found object dress

found object dress

found object dress

It's just for fun.
♥ Mallory


Just remembered...


I just remembered to mention that Moorea Seal shared some of my recent outfit photos including an amethyst ring on her blog along with some other pretty ladies here :)

Thanks Moorea!


School Studio Shots

daap studio

daap studio

daap studio

daap studio

When I'm in session at school I live in 2 studios.  I think Daap (school of design, architecture, art, and planning) has beautiful studio spaces though I'm not so fond of the pastel color palette.  So, today as I was sitting bored and early for class I took some photos of the 3rd year fashion studio I'm currently residing in.

daap studio- Rachel

This is my friend Rachel.  She's working on draping an outfit from rubber gloves for an assignment where we're making dresses out of materials other than fabric!  Check out some of her other impeccable work here.  Or just check her blog home for trend alerts, fashion projects, and occasional food posts.

daap studio- my stuff

daap studio-me

So, there was a peek into my most days life!  I complain a lot about school but I feel completely blessed to have made it into the program and I am very thankful that I am learning so much here. ♥ Mallory


Wardrobe Pictures- tweed and stripes and scissors, OH MY!

outfit-tweed skirt
This is what I wore today:
tee- Old Navy
pencil skirt- thrifted, J.Jill
tights- Asos
boots- Chinese Laundry
scissor necklace- Red Velvet

outfit-tweed skirt

outfit-tweed skirt

outfit-tweed skirt

Today was my first day back to school for Spring Quarter!
Woo hoo college... It should be a good quarter!
♥ Mallory

My Watercolor Illustrations


During my fall quarter we first learned how to use watercolor as a fashion illustration tool.  I went to pick up my graded watercolor project 2 days before leaving for Springfield and the studio door was locked!  Luckily they remained in my studio untouched all winter until today!  So I scanned them and here are my favorite looks!

That's maybe the only good thing about being back to school.  Well that and seeing my classmates.
Love Mallory


New Blog design!

One of the last days before I left Springfield I asked Elsie to take a photo for me for my new blog banner!  So I decided on this idea and Elsie took and photoshopped/color corrected my photo to this point for me.  I think it says a lot about my aesthetic, my personality, and my passions!

The font on my banner is one I made in Illustrator along with the buttons in my left sidebar that connect to posts of my most popular topics!

I really didn't want to put another photo of myself as my profile picture because I'm already in the banner, so I decided to make a self portrait in Illustrator.  We had to do this as a school project during my foundation year so I thought having an updated one for my portfolio would also be nice.

I hope you love it as much as I do!  Also a special thanks to my mom and Brian for giving me such great feedback on my decisions
♥ Mallory


Sewing Equipment

This is the serger I have, Brother 1034D.

This is the sewing machine I have, Brother CS6000i.

Someone sent me an email asking for sewing machine advice and I realized that I've never shared which machines I use (silly me).  So, I thought maybe I should.  These two machines (plus briefly the one Rachel gave Elsie) made the Red Velvet dress line.

That's it!
♥ Mallory


Wardrobe Pictures- Windy Wednesday

blouse, belt, skirt-vintage
shoes- Kohl's
ring- Moorea Seal courtesy of Red Velvet
Sunnies- Michael Kors

Yesterday was super windy!  It was sunny then we had a huge storm that lasted about an hour (including hail) then back to sun!  Midwest weather baffles me.  My cousin Samantha took these before the storm.




Then I realized I had no detail shots and talked Brian into taking these after the storm.  I also talked him into letting me take one of him after having dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Mmm sushi!

skinny tie- vintage
cardigan- PacSun
button-up- Old Navy
jeans- Old Navy
TOMS- Nordstrom

♥ Mallory


Lust List 6

lust list 6
Oh I'm up to week 6.  I'm actually following through and still feeling inspired!  Though I don't think I'll ever feel uninspired to online shop.

First up this week are these amazing vintage Frye wedges.  So pretty and sadly in my size :(

I want this ridiculous Modcloth dress.  It needs a belt because there is too much pretty pattern, but I still am in love.

These little cream and sugar bunnies are adorable.  They have me jumping on the bunny trend bandwagon.

This retro chrome lamp from Joana on Etsy is so awesome!

I want this feathery pillow from artist Leah Duncan!

I am always on the lookout for pretty bags like this vintage one.  I really don't need one now because I have the most amazing one ever (see it here).

When I update to the ipone this fall I'm going to make my next purchase this Marc Jacobs phone case

I also really want this Marc Jacobs bunny and squirrel tee! Trendy and adorable!

If I start seeing baby girl dresses like this cute birdie one while thrifting I might start buying them in case my sister has a girl.  If not I can sell them in my Etsy!

Though if I get really lucky and find something like this I'll buy it too!

I really love coffee table books (maybe because I have always loved my mom's Ansel Adams).  I want a full collection of them starting with Avedon Fashion 1944-2000.  His photography is perfect.

Have you come across any things this week that makes your money burn a hole in your pocket?
xo Mallory
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