Gotta Get Down on Friday

Tonight I have a date with my watercolor, CAD, and bodywear homework.  I'm only doing it tonight because I want a stress free Saturday with the boy.  Then Sunday a photoshoot with my friend Jojo.

Plus, I just bought HP7 (2 disc edition available only at Walmart) and plan on watching it all night as I paint and eat bacon.  All-in-all it's not a bad way to spend a Friday.


Outfit- It's a Gray world

outfit- Gray World
dress- gift from Rachel Denbow
belt- thrifted, vintage Liz Claiborne
shoes- Franco Sarto

outfit- Gray World

outfit- Gray World
My pedicure from Madison

outfit- Gray World

outfit- Gray World

outfit- Gray World
I love out-takes.  My heel wasn't fully zipped.

Tomorrow should be a sunny day.  My last class is a work day, so I can go home at 12:15 and hopefully get some work done!  I'm altering the PRETTIEST mint green vintage dress for a friend.  Kinda want to steal it :)

xo, Mallory


When Brian Comes to Town

I never remembered to share these photos of when Brian visited Springfield.  We took these in Funtiques, which in my opinion is a Springfield must-do.


Just for Fun

I have this friend Whitney Brown.  She's an inspiring person- the kind that you can't help but smile when you're around them.  She does all sorts of things to show others love and joy.  Recently she started taking photos of people with this restyled frame, toting around a case full of fun props and costumes, and dancing anywhere she goes.  She is calling this "Less Stress, More Smiles" and I love it.

Brian and I






On her newly repurposed tumblr she is encouraging people to share their smiles and then send them to her to share with everyone.  I encourage you to join in on the fun.

Love Mallory

Lust List 8

1, 2, 3, 456

For my trend class we have to choose inspiration shoes.  Last week I made a proclamation that shoes don't get me too excited, and I was having a hard time finding anything cool.  I take it all back.  Jeffrey Campbell is awesome, and this is my new (expensive) Lust List for the week.

I told my family today that the gingham ones were perfection and I needed them.  My brother in law turned to my mom and said, "She's right.  They match half of what's in her closet."

Love it.


Sleepover with Madison!

Last night Madison, Brian's little sister, had a sleepover with me.  She gave us both rainbow color pedicures and put Barbie stickers all over me.

 (notice our sparkly manicures)

Today we went to try on bridesmaid dresses for my sister's wedding and Madison was so great.  I say that because she said I looked beautiful in all the dresses :)  After we got home we made each other friendship bracelets of her design.

I had so much fun!
Love, Mallory 



My swimwear designs!

These are my swimwear designs for bodywear class.  I'm going to execute 2 of the triangular detailed ones!

My swimwear designs!

My swimwear designs!

My swimwear designs!

These are a few more shots from my week:
 Kate Middleton dress predictions for draping class.  Mine is on the right minus the rhinestone belt and buttons from my sketch.

Giant Dwarf bobbies c/o Elsie :)

It has been a super exhausting week, but my bathingsuit and English essay feedback was good.  Yay!  I love when my sleepless nights pay off!

Anything big you've been working on this week?
xo, Mallory


Dear Creatures Sale

Fall 2009 Dear Creatures lookbook

I think it's no secret that my favorite brands are Marc Jacobs, Dior, Orla Kiely, Kate Spade, Lauren Moffatt, Alice + Olivia, and Dear Creatures.

I think it's also no secret that I love a good deal (though some things are totally worth paying 100% for).  So today when I saw Dear Creatures past collections were on Swirl.com I went straight to the site and bought this sweater.  Hop on over there and get yourself some deals, too!

Love, Mallory


Wardrobe- April Showers Bring May Flowers

outfit- Rainy Day

outfit- Rainy Day
It has pretty much rained every day for two weeks.  Oh Midwest weather.
This is what I wore to puddle stomp in:
umbrella- Totes Outlet in Jeffersonville
sewing print shirt- Urban Outfitters
jeggings- TJ Maxx
rain boots/galoshes/wellies- Target

outfit- Rainy Day

outfit- Rainy Day

outfit- Rainy Day

Honestly I don't mind the rain.  I know that means summer weather is on the way!  Plus I'm extra happy that I got home at 1pm today!  My 2-4:50 class wasn't mandatory, so I'm working at home and watching HP7!

xoxo, Mallory

outfit- Rainy Day


Shape What's to Come

Guess what?  Levi's Shape What's to Come has an article about my experience at Red Velvet and how to get internships and learn from them!

Read about it here!

xoxo Mallory


I really love Randomness!

My cousin Samantha and I

Today was awesome.  My classmates and I had to wear spandex sports bras and booty shorts during bodywear class that we had made, to check the fit.  It was only slightly mortifying, but we all got over our insecurities fast because we also had an in class pot luck to enjoy afterwards!  I made cupcakes of course!

xoxo, Mallory

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