Special project

I love projects.  I really love the one I'm currently involved in.  I can't go into too much detail yet, but I think you're going to be crazy, awesome excited! Promise!

80s sewing book
Other than my current project I've also still been working on the RV Dress Line.  I found these awesome tips in one of my serger books!  I was trying to see if my machine would do a coverstitch.  I still am unsure, but if I ever want to make legwarmers or stirrup pants, I'm set!

red Velvet Fall 2011

This is another sample for the RV line.  I'm almost exactly a medium, so I try stuff on as I'm working.  This one looks so fab with my Chucks, right?  Okay, not really.  We still have a few fabric and fit decisions to make, but things are going excellently.  You can see a few more peeks here!  I hope you ladies are as excited about this line as we are!

xo, Mallory


Temporary Bedroom Peeks

I'm here in Springfield until September.  That's more than just a trip.  So I've tried my best to make my bedroom feel like home.  Don't get me wrong, the people here are BEYOND AMAZING, it's just hard not to feel homesick sometimes.

Little things like a map of KY, some old and new family photos, a bird my grandma made me, and lots of skype dates help out.  They remind me of home and keep me focused on how much I love working for Red Velvet and what an amazing opportunity this is!

You can see photos of my bedroom at home here.  Makes me miss my mom's camera :)
Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet!
xo, Mallory


Wardrobe Pictures- Daisy Chain

outfit- Daisy Chain
outfit- Daisy Chain

Outfit Details:
headband- made by me
t-shirt- Urban Outfitters
belt, shorts, bracelet- thrifted vintage
shoes- Dots

outfit- Daisy Chain

outfit- Daisy Chain

outfit- Daisy Chain

This is what I wore thrifting today.  I got so many awesome things!  Seriously, thrifting in Springfield is awesome!

xoxo, Mallory



Gilded 1

This is the watercolor collection we designed piece by piece this spring quarter at school.  It was inspired by these Jeffrey Campbell shoes.  I'm so in love with the outcome!  I wish I had every single garment.

Gilded 2

Gilded 3

Gilded 4

Gilded 5

Gilded 6

I like the slight veer of direction to a bit more fashion forward but still obviously vintage inspired look. See the collection I did in the fall here.

  Which look would you like to have the most?
xo, Mallory


Today I made some dresses.

For the fall Red Velvet dress line we have more interns than just 1, me.  This season, the team consists of Jamie, Renee, Chrissy, and I (hope I spelled them all properly)!

This morning Chrissy and I worked on the fit, ruffles, and sleeves for this first dress.  It's still unfinished, but it's really a great start!

(this photo from Elsie, posted on Instagram)

After that I made this floral dress!  I'm dying and falling madly in love at the same time!  We found this fabric the week before I left in March.  Emma, Elsie, and I all knew we HAD to use it!  It's one of 3 different dresses made of knit fabrics that I'm producing.  My other garment is one we're considering silk for!

I can't wait to share more as we progress!
xo Mallory


The Beauty is in Details

Accessories or lack thereof really are what pull an outfit together.
This is a quarter machine apple ring left in the bathroom drawer by my sister years ago.

Stamped bracelet is a Christmas gift from my oldest sister!  I think she got them on Etsy.
friendship bracelet I made a long time ago for Brian but it was too small, and I made him a new one.  As I was packing I found it so I tied it on as a daily reminder of him.

modified bun/mohawk/up-do, hairstyle/thinga-ma-jig

These are from my iPhone, and aren't perfect, but I realized the other day that I should include more detail and accessories shots in my posts.  So, this one is dedicated to my new effort :)

xo, Mallory

Saint Louis Zoo

Alright just a few more from my weekend in Saint Louis.  These are at the zoo, which is just $12 to park and entrance is free!  Also I think this is only time I have ever gotten decent photos of animals.

This lion was napping until I took his photo.  He looked RIGHT up at me!  Then he laid his head right back down!

Brian's favorite animal.  Mine is the primates as a whole but they're all behind glass, and the gorillas were sleeping :(

 Love, Mallory


Just Because

Just because I won't be posting any photos of Brian for a month or so I figured I'd post these from Saint Louis.  He's really fun.

xo, Mallory


This was a REALLY big weekend!  Friday my family celebrated Father's day for this amazing guy. 

 Saturday Brian and I drove to St. Louis and spent the rest of the day and Sunday having as much fun as possible.  Today was his 23rd birthday!

(I somehow fit about half of my summer/spring clothes into 2 suitcases)

Then I dropped him off at the airport to fly home and I drove the remaining 3.5 hours to Springfield, Mo.  If you're new around here, first HI!  Then, second January-March I produced the first Red Velvet namesake dress line.  Now I'm back to oversee production of the fall collection!

Elsie and I are so excited to get in full swing.  As soon as I got to her house at 10 pm we started looking at sketches and talking textiles, notions, and such!  We're obsessed in the best way possible!  Tuesday I meet the new team-members and get officially started!

Love, Mallory


wardrobe- Trend Edition: Long Hems

outfit- trends: long

sunglasses: vintage hand-me-downs
dress and belt: thrifted vintage
wedges: Payless (and amazingly comfy)

outfit- trends: long

outfit- trends: long

outfit- trends: long

outfit- trends: long
Photos: thanks mom.  She always captures real smiles :)
Makeup: Lovely neighbor Jill.  eyes- MAC, Expensive Pink, lips-Urban Decay, Naked

Ah, yet another installment of my trend series (1st post).  This time around I'm talking about longer hems.  This trend has evaded my camera for some reason.  I've worn long skirts 2 or 3 times recently and never had time for photos.  Moral of the story is that long hems really aren't that hard to wear!

You don't have to be a tall lady, like I am, to wear these.  Trust me, my legs are relatively short.  I will say that some huge wedges or pumps never hurt to extend the legs to look just a bit longer.  Try bringing the waist up to the natural position or just below to really make a nice long legline.  If the hem hits the floor and you have a high waist then you're looking super leggy anyway.

See, easy peasy.  Just give it a try.  If it looks awful then oh well, keep a right above the knee hem!

xo, Mallory


Cat Nap

Cinders will do anything for attention.

:) Mallory

Harry Potter Party!

Today I have a Harry Potter Deathly Hallows necklace diy over at Paper Sparrow for her Harry Potter Party!  Yes, I realize it's a new interpretation of the Deathly Hallows symbol.  Undercover nerdiness, that and I couldn't find a triangle pre-drilled  :)

Have a lovely day!
Xo, Mallory


Things A Man Wants

Hi There. This is Mallory's boyfriend, Brian.
She has asked/I volunteered to do a guest post for her. This post is related to Mallory's Lust List. Lust List just sounds too feminine for me so I gave the title a little change. It's awesome, I know. Before I go in to my list, I will go ahead and say Mallory is pretty great and I'm incredibly proud of her dedication to this blog. She is incredible. Now look at all my super cool stuff I want!

Basically this entire outfit from Dear Creatures

I'm trying to work up the courage to wear tank tops.  It's not something I've every really worn, but I like the look.  I'm a fan of stripes, so this Volcom Tank Top is a winner.

 Storytime: Went to Mallory's pool this weekend, and laid out for nearly 2 hours straight.  The goal was to get rid of my farmer's tan so I can wear tank tops.  Instead I got incredibly sunburnt, and look worse than when I was as white as a ghost. I'm pretty sure my body is radiating at 110 degrees right now.

I am so picky about shoes, especially dress. So picky, that I dont even own a pair.  After searching thrift stores, shoe stores, and a million other places, I have found them. These Chukka Boots from Urban are the perfect pair.

These Bubinga Wood Headphones make me want to wear them all day and listen to smooth jams.

This bicycle tee is exactly what I need.

This Vespa is really more just a dream of mine.  I've been wanting to buy a scooter for a few years now, and the color on this one is incredible. One day, she will be mine, and I will name her America.

I just recently started wearing a watch this Christmas. This we-wood watch has had my attention for a months now.

Mallory and I talk often about getting tattooed more, and I've wanted one on my foot for a while now. I really like the two this person has. For some reason, I find old ships incredibly interesting.

I hope you enjoyed my first "Things A Man Wants" post. Hopefully I will get to do one again soon. Have a radical day, friends.