Week in the Life...

The big task for this week was preparing and troubleshooting samples for the video and photo shoots.  Since I'm the senior intern I needed to worry about my 4 dresses and 1 top as well as making sure everyone else was in tip-top shape.  Everyone ended up really pulling together and helping each other out.  I also took on my first pair of jeans (ever) last minute to complete a look!  I took so many photos with my iPhone to document the process!  Here are a few of my favorites!

(a million pairs of) scissors, orders of buttons and fabric we picked up, fittings with Sarah, Laurel & Morgan, flowers from Brian, organizing with Chrissy...

Prepping, shooting, then cleaning!

An absolutely lovely week.  Now I'm onto a lovely weekend that began with the arrival of my visiting parents!  We went to my favorite flea markets and Funtiques, got cupcakes, let them try bubble tea (Dad is a fan while Mom is unsure), saw Harry Potter, and got Gelato.  Tomorrow we are venturing to the outlet mall!

I hope your weekend is just as lovely.  Thanks for popping in.  XO, Mallory


Lust List 10

So here is what I've been bookmarking and wish-listing this week.
7. to-die-for Marc Jacobs Shoes

The bag in the next image is so amazing I thought it deserved its own full-size image.
Have a love filled day :)

Red Velvet- Organization is Happiness

Red Velvet dress line launch date is quickly approaching us.  AHHH!!

Just kidding, we're very on schedule.  To make sure we stay that way we decided today that we needed a firm schedule, so that no one would need the same machine or workspace at the same time.  We also needed personal goals to keep us all on track with production.  Chrissy volunteered to make us a full schedule that's color coded and everything.

Then Elsie and I got some stickers while running errands.  Chrissy and I also decided a paper chain was most DEFINITELY needed!  I should make one as a count down to seeing Brian and my family again too!

Yay for organization, right?
Love, Mallory


Wardrobe Pictures- Adventures with Brian

The other night Brian and I went on a date to get burgers.
I was a little overdressed in this:
dress: Asos, Emma bought the wrong size and is very sweet
necklace: vintage



DIY Dress Up E-Course!

I'm so excited to announce the launch of the E-Course I've been working on, D.I.Y. Dress Up. Elsie, and I developed this class for women who want to learn to sew their own clothes. We created seventeen projects that vary in skill level from simple bows and belts to more complex dresses and purses! If you want to learn to sew from a beginners level or build confidence to make your own patterns and dresses, this course if for you!

Sessions Include:
Sewing Basics and Supplies
Session 1: Make Your Own Topstitched Bow. Learn how to topstitch while stitching up pretty bows for your hair or belts. 
Session 2: Make Your Own Magazine Tote. Get comfortable with your tools and basic stitching technique as you make the perfect bag for magazines. 
Session 3: Make Your Own Makeup Bag.  Figure out that putting in zippers isn't scary in the least while making a mess proof makeup bag.
Session 4: Make Your Own Jersey Headband.  Have your first experience with sewing stretchy material to make the perfect hair accessory.
Session 5: Make Your Own Belt.  Learn how to design a really unique belt and perfectly fit it to you.
Session 6: How To Draft A Pattern That Fits Your Body. Fear patterns no more!  This session will arm you with the tips and skills you need to begin pattern drafting and customizing store bought patterns.
Session 7: Make Your Own Paper Bag Skirt. Find out that hems aren't a scary as you thought they were.
Session 8: Make Your Own Chevron Top. Tackle the chevron trend and match stripes like a pro.
Session 9: Make Your Own Fringe Laptop Case. Insert padding and make perfect fringe with this lesson that will protect your computer.
Session 10: Make Your Own Ruffled Skirt.  Learn how to make perfect ruffles.  Every girl loves a ruffle or two.
Session 11: Turn A Tank Into A Pretty Dress.  Find out the quickest way to make a perfect little dress from materials you probably have already.
Session 12: Make Your Own Jersey Tank Top.  Make a cool breezy tank while learning to cleanly finish a stretchy edge.
Session 13: Make Your Own Lace Dress. Find some tips on how to deal with tricky fabrics the right way.
Session 14: Alteration Basics. Three quick mini lessons to fix up unflattering or damaged garments.
Session 15: Make Your Own Maxi Dress.  This session will show you how to use elastic to keep up an extremely wearable maxi dress.
Session 16: Make Your Own Cardigan- Sewing sleeves is really tricky.  This lesson will break down how to set them with ease.
Session 17: Make Your Own Statement Bag.  Apply a bunch of your new skills to make an advanced handbag with hardware. 
Fashion Dictionary Learn- to talk like a designer and read patterns like a pro! 
Think Like a Designer with Mallory- Using inspiration without being a copycat! Learn to translate things that inspire you into your own design. 
Hand Printing- Learn hand printing techniques with Elsie. Get the look of screen printing without any special equipment. 
Also included, Sewing Basics and Supplies.

The course is priced at only $29 US. We wanted it to be super afforable so that even our college student readers, like myself, could enjoy it. I hope that this course will inspire many of you to sew your first dress and become friends with your sewing machine! Buy the course here! 

Love, Mallory


Special Project Reveal!

Remember I said I was working on a special project?  Well, I'm currently finishing up a fashion sewing e-course with Elsie!  We've had so much fun working on, and we're releasing it within the next few days!

I can't wait for it to launch and for you to see all of the fun sewing projects we've put together!
xoxo, Mallory

Wardrobe Pictures- Gelato with Brian


Outfit details:
dress- Lilly Pullitzer from Vintage Vice
flats- Payless
bag- Pedal to the Metal Marc by Marc Jacobs ♥


The other night and Brian and I got Japanese food then gelato.  We have been eating really awful the whole time he's been here.  We've enjoyed every second.  Tonight we had bacon and eggs for dinner.  YUM!

xoxo, Mallory


Weekend in Instagram

This weekend has been CRAZY busy!  Saturday I picked up Brian in St. Louis, and then we drove back to Springfield, got dinner, and saw HP 7 pt. 2

 Sunday we got crepes at Aviary and treasure hunted pretty much all day long!

Today we sat at a coffee shop while I worked on the E-Course I'm teaching with Elsie.  We're releasing it later this week!  YAY!  We took a few breaks to get lunch, check out 1 vintage store, and then get fondue and cocktails.

I'm so glad he's here, and I'm be crazy excited once this course has launched.
Love, Mallory :)


Big Day!

I love this boy

Today I'm going to pick up Sir Brian from Saint Louis Airport and then drive back to Springfield.  I get to spend a whole week with him before he flies back home.  I am going to cherish every single second!

♥ Mallory


Sewing Day- Special Project

Today I spent the day sewing for a special project with a special lady.  I love that we get to use scraps and fabrics we've been saving up for a reason just like this.  I also love that she volunteers to sew on all the buttons :)

I'll get to share more details next week. Hopefully.
Love, Mallory


DIY: Lace hem shorts tutorial

Okay seamstresses, time to add some lace to any pair of shorts!  I've been wanting to make some shorts I could wear like a slip for a long time now.  Much cuter than wearing jersey shorts under skirts!  I made mine from scratch, but I'll teach you how I added the eyelet lace trim to the hem.  You can do this to any pair of shorts.  It's really easy!

For my supplies I got flower buttons, skin color quilting cotton, and 2 yards of the prettiest eyelet trim I could find.  I spent $15 and 2 hours to make mine.  I also saw eyelet and lace trims for $1.99, so it could be a $4 project if you already have shorts!

1. trim the excess cotton on the trim.  Even the nicest eyelet needs this.

2. measure around the leg opening of the shorts you have.  Add 1/2" to this measurement and cut your lace to that size.  Join the two ends of your trim with a 1/4" seam to make a circle.

3-4. I wanted my lace to be the whole hem of my shorts.  So, I matched the edge with the crotch seam and I stitched the center 1/4" from the hem.  If you're using shorts you already have you may want to shorten them or just have the lace farther down on the leg.  You may want to pin before sewing this step.

5. Topstitch all the way around another time at the top if your trim is really wide like mine.  Then trim your threads and think of all the ways you can wear these!

Here are the 3 ways I've already tried mine:

If you make something similar drop me a line here or in email!
Thanks for making things with me! Mallory


Wardrobe Pictures- lace shorts

Outfit details:
dress- H&M
shoes- 2nd hand from Avalon Exchange in STL

Thanks Elsie for taking these photos :)

I also wore these lace shorts underneath.  I made them the other day.  Tomorrow I'll show you how I made them and how you can get a similar look with less work!

I love simple and versatile projects like these!

Xo, Mallory



I've been working on re-doing my croquis, or fashion figure templates.  Some people free hand each time, but most trace their outlines from croquis.  I do this because I really like consistency!

I'm wearing my red lizard Nars lipstick today.  Fancy!  My Harry Potter Lego necklace was a Christmas gift from my sister Brittany.  She got it from this Etsy shop.

Have I told you that I'm picking Brian up in Saint Louis Saturday?  He's going to spend a whole week here with me!  I'm beyond excited!!!

Love, Mallory
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