Interview on Tea Talk

Today Chelsea over at Tea Talk posted an interview she did of me!  So, if you want to know my favorite part of working at RV, my advice for aspiring designers, etc. go read it here.

Either way, go check out Chelsea's golden locks, cool style, and deep deep love for coffee.

Love, Mallory

Hair Flashback

Remember a year ago, when I was a blondie?  I kinda miss that.  I need a change and I'm trying to grow it out so color is my best bet.  When Holly was in town I asked her opinion, and I think blonde was her final suggestion.  Hmmm...

Love, Mallory


These Days

I've been counting down the days until I see Brian for a while.  In the morning it will be only 11 days until I see him in Chicago!  Have I mentioned that we're going to Renegade with the Red Velvet team (+ our boys) in a few weeks?  I'm hoping to meet a few of you there!

However, the countdown to the collection launch is much closer!  There are 4 more work days until the 1st!  EEEK!!!! We're so close and I'm so excited.  I can't even wait to update my portfolio with the RV collections.  Kinsey modeled my swimwear project tonight (& looked awesome) so I can add those photos, too.  I'm such a nerd.

xoxo, Mallory

p.s. Thanks for all of your launch excitement!  You guys make all the hard work worthwhile :)


Red Velvet: The Entire Thing

I can't believe it's that time of the fashion season again!  The launch date is a week away!  I kept staring at this over at Elsie's blog thinking how proud of our team I am.  I can't believe that we have accomplished so much since June!  We still have more sewing to complete, but we're all overjoyed and can't wait to share the fruits of our labor with you sweet, supportive readers/shoppers.

Now I just have to decide which I'll keep...  maybe the triangle because designing the print with Elsie was so much fun!  We'll see!

xo, Mallory

p.s. the blue pencil skirt is vintage, not part of the collection

Lust List 11-- Fall Must Haves

Like it or not fall is on the horizon!  Fall is my favorite season, but I absolutely LOATHE winter, so I try and think of the positives of the oncoming cold.  For me the biggest positive is a wardrobe refresh!  I've been looking for the perfect new pair of boots since March.  The ones I wore at least twice a week last winter have basically died.

Most of these are out of my price range, but all of these items are fall '11 necessities:
a beautifully worn leather belt-- vintage on Etsy
bold jewelry-- Rocks Paper Metal earrings
an amazing sweater-- this one from Anthropologie has birds.  I'm a sucker.
perfect high waist jeans-- Lover Wide Leg Jeans
a leather bag-- this Rag & Bone Mountain Pack is insanely amazing

as every year, a great scarf-- Sea Cliff Scarf
neutral color boots- Via Spiga

I also want a really great planner for this fall.  This Kate Spade one is gorgeous, and I may actually use it!  We'll see, steep price for organization.  Thanks for lusting along with me!
Love, Mallory


Wardrobe Pictures- Comfy and dotty

Today I had some errands to run and I wanted to do a little thrifting before working for a few hours.  So, what to wear on a day where I'd be out and about doing lots of things?  I wanted something comfy, but I didn't want to look like I just rolled out of bed and threw on whatever was on top of my clean clothes pile.  I chose this bold oversized tee and picked up a few accessories on the way out the door.

 What is from where?
Fakie glasses- Amazon
necklace, bracelet- thrifted
tee- H&M
shorts- TJ Maxx, high school
belt- vintage, Etsy
sneakers- PacSun

 I hope your Sunday was as equally comfy, but still containing some personality :)

xoxo, Mallory


Shake Your Sillies Out!

Sometimes my faces in my outfit photos get too serious.  I guess that's okay, excepts my serious face is a bit mean.  So I try and be my normal silly self in some and just take a bunch in hopes for some fashionable ones.

 Today however is a celebration of the sillies!
These are all outtakes from my outfit photos last week.

Chrissy took them for me in the 3rd floor of the Red Velvet building.  There were some feathers left from that one wedding (that I'm sure you haven't seen any photos from) and we decided to play some.

Isn't she sweet for being so patient with me?  I think yes.

♥ Mallory


There are lots of platforms that you can use to make sure you read all the blogs you love, but my personal favorite is Bloglovin' because it has the best interface.  I enjoy the previews for each post in chronological order.  I often get behind, then I can click Mark all as read.  My favorite feature is in the left sidebar of each blog's page there are suggestions of other blogs followed by the same people.

It's lovely.  Check it out and if you prefer it you can follow me here!
No pressure though :)

xoxo, Mallory


Red Velvet: Light at the End of the Tunnel!

We are quickly approaching September 1st, affectionately termed Launch Day by the RV team.  I've tagged and hung up over half of my dresses last and this week!  I am personally sewing the floral stretch dresses, crop top, orange velvet, blue velvet, and blue silk dresses.  Halfway there!

 Everyone is starting to feel comfortable and getting ready to make their finishing touches as well!  I'm really proud of all the work everyone has put in to developing their garments.  We have an explosion of patterns, collars, scraps, and thread spools in the studio.  It's a whirlwind of work and creativity.

I'm so excited for you all to see each dress as it is unveiled on Elsie's blog (if we find the time I may even be in a 3 Ways to Wear It).  We have been planning out the designs for this fall since the day after the spring launch, and I feel like it's incredibly cohesive and really represents the Red Velvet brand to a T.

Who is planning on refreshing their browser a million times in anticipation for the launch?  I know our team will be refreshing millions of times to see the stock fly into shopping carts :)
Love, Mallory

Red Velvet- FAQ

I've had a few concerned comments about if I was being taken advantage of at Red Velvet.  You don't have to worry about me at all.  First let me explain a few things... my school has a mandatory 6 internships built into the fashion design program.  My first was production sewing in Cincinnati.  My second was at Red Velvet this winter, and now I'm doing my third at RV this summer (I'm hoping for my fourth to be at Anthropologie). Most of my classmates go and work at companies like Aeropostale, Abercrombie, and JC Penney, doing classic "intern" work in NYC getting paid minimum wage and living with 3 other girls.  Though some do some really cool things like my friend Rachel.

Yes, I work REALLY hard, and often up to 48 hours a week, but my experiences at Red Velvet couldn't be more beneficial!  An internship is all about learning, networking, pushing yourself, and building your resume/portfolio experience.  Here is why I'm not being taken advantage of:

The biggest pro is that I get to work with Elsie and Emma.  A million girls (and boys?) would kill to even meet them.  It's undeniable how much power Elsie has in the handmade market, but she has never said anything to me that sounded egostistical or self centered.  She's just a talented designer like any other but happens to have a large fan base.  These girls have imparted so much knowledge about business, marketing, blogging, sales, etc.  If I ever ask any question about business or money you wouldn't expect a boss to answer, they answer honestly because they want to teach me all that they can!

The Best
I couldn't have dreamt of a better way to network with the quirky, vintage, handmade, blogging, and fashion worlds.  I bet most of you wouldn't have found my blog without Elsie, which is awesome. I have also made lots of great friends working/living here like Rachel, Holly, Katie, and Sarah.  I've read and loved their blogs for a long time!  Not to mention I met Stacy of Eisley, who I've listened to for a long time.  I absolutely adore Stacy and was so excited to play dress up with her and Elsie one night.  I've heard snippets from her, Jeremy, and Darren's album and know it will be an instant favorite of mine.

Free cupcakes, cake pops, and bubble tea. Every day.

My resume will now have on it that I produced a 100+ piece spring collection by myself!  In a few weeks I'll be able to add that I oversaw 4 other interns and the production of a 400+ piece fall collection including mens accessories.  Over 200 pieces will be made by me personally (with Chrissy's cutting talents)!
The big question was do they do compensate me?  Yes, I moved 9 hours away from home so they pay me, often times feed me, and pay for my housing.  I won't discuss numbers, but I am comfortable.  Most of my monetary compensation comes from the DIY Dress Up e-course (part also paid for the fabric for the collection).  So, if you want to help me pay for my school loans AND have me teach you how to sew, go buy it!  Oh, and after the first launch they bought me a Marc Jacobs bag!!!
I'm sure I could keep gushing about how amazing Red Velvet, Elsie, and Emma are.  If you're one of Elsie's followers this won't by any means be the last you'll see of me, but I need to have some different experiences before I graduate and settle into a real job.  For now I'll sum up my internship with this quote from Elsie's last dress line story "Mallory was sewing up a storm! She really put in a lot of hours... she really deserves the credit for the production of absolutely the entire line... over 100 dresses. She had a new pattern for every single size, collars, buttons, zippers and so much more to think about. It was a crazy list, to say the least. Mallory had an incredible attitude. We are so proud of the hard work she did and have grown to consider her a part of our team. She's wonderful and took a lot of pride in her work for Red Velvet."

See, they love me.  I love them.  I love you all for being so supportive.
xo, Mallory


Wardrobe Pictures- Prep School

Outfit- prepster
Outfit- prepster
Outfit- prepster
shirt- Target mens :)
bow tie- Forage borrowed from Elsie
shorts- Target summer '09
belt- vintage
tights- Claire's (I may have been in search of Harry Potter swag)
Shoes- Seychelles Clue Bootie, borrowed from RV styling wall (lucky for me Sarah and I wear the same size)

Outfit- prepster
Outfit- prepster
Outfit- prepster
Outfit- prepster
It is very possible that I bought this shirt just to wear bowties with.  My shoulders are too big to wear most womens button-ups.  So, I call this a success.  Do you have a hard time finding any certain garments because of fit?  Other than jeans of course.

Love, Mallory


DIY: Guest Post for Kara

Hat and necklace borrowed from Elsie: Necklace, Sholmit Ofir

I meant to post this the other day, but blogger was down.  I have a DIY to make a cute top like this from a big dress over at I Just Might Explode!  It was so much fun, and Kara is a doll.  Go check it out!

Love, Mallory


DIY: 3 Velvet Bow Accessories

Here is what you need to make any of the 3 projects I've shown!  Hand needles, velvet ribbon, pin backs, thread, and corded elastic.  I also used a cheap hat from a mall store.  Use the pictures as a guide for how you can take these ideas and personalize them into your own designs!

 This first one is a simple bow tie that I plan to wear as a brooch or "clip-on" bow tie.

For this second, I just doubled the body of the first bow to make 2 layers.  I bought this hat at a mall store because it was on sale and the ugly bow was just glued on.  I pulled it off and using another pin back pinned the bow onto the hat.

Using a long strip that almost touched in the back of my head I sewed one of the simple bows on.  Then I hand-stitched the ends down making two tunnels through.  Loop corded elastic through both tunnels and tie a few knots.  Feed the knot into one of the tunnels and tack it in place with a few more stitches.

There you go.  Three simple and cheap accessories in under an hour!  You can make something cute or menswear inspired; it's up to you!  If you make any of these leave me a link in the comments.

Love, Mallory


Blog Crush!! Folk & Feather

Not too long ago my friend Betsy (on the left) informed me that she was ready to start a fashion blog!  She's super gorgeous, loves vintage, and has great style, so I was really excited!  Remember that vintage mint color dress I altered a few months ago?  It was for her!

You can see her outfit posts and a few other photos over on her blog Folk & Feather.  She's planning on sharing some other stylish Cincinnati/Northern KY girls looks soon as well.  I'm glad she's trying to put our area on the fashion map too!

Love, Mallory
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