As I mentioned the other day I have 2 major projects to finish for school this quarter.  I'm also working on an outfit for the Project Runway scholarship competition.  For the bottom half of my outfit I'm making some bell bottom jeans.  Tonight I am going to adjust my sloper (basic) pattern to add the details and fit I'm really wanting.

Here are the tools I am using:
Apparel Making in Fashion Design by Injoo Kim & Mkyung Uh
French Curve Rule
clear ruler, package paper, & my phone for a calculator :)

Getting to work now!  xoxo, Mallory


Wardrobe Pictures- Watercolor Tank & Herringbone

Have I told you how much I love my school?  This quarter my biggest projects are designing/illustrating a collection and making a jacket and coordinating outfit for tailoring.
This I what I wore to school today!
watercolor floral tank top- old Navy
cardigan- stolen from Brian
shorts- old
tights- Asos
shoes- Ash from Avalon Exchange

 Okay, so I've been avoiding outfit photos because my hair isn't a perfect color.  The last time I got it done the girl wasn't very good.  My mom had to rescue my bangs, and I already dyed it to lighten the red.  Anyway, I'm on the way to getting a golden blonde, next time.

For now I have fancy vintage horse hair clips to keep me hair happy.
xoxo, Mallory


My Muses

For my tailoring class we chose a decade between the 1860s and the 1980s to use as our inspiration.  Naturally I chose the 1960s.  When searching I realized that all of my favorite style icons were famous in the 60s!  Another obvious, but I had never thought about it!

My favorites: Twiggy, Goldie Hawn, Jackie O, Edie Sedgewick, Audrey Hepburn, Jean Shrimpton, The Beatles, and Marilyn Monroe.


New iPhone Cases!

Last week I bought Brian and I new iPhone cases.  That is genuine excitement on his part, he's been excited all week!  I got them from Society6 where you can get a bunch of people's artwork printed on anything, like iPhone cases!  The artists got commission, and we got sweet cases!  Win, win, win everywhere!

Since my phone is now pink Brian's sister, Madison, won't put it down :)

Love, Mallory


Wardrobe Pictures- Ivory All Over

I took these photos in Red Velvet a few days before leaving Springfield.
I totally forgot to post them in the rush up to the launch and then Chicago.

 Here's what I wore:
headband- made by me for my E-Course (that you can buy here)
top- Urban Outfitters
shorts- Target
moccasins- Darlingtonia
necklace- vintage from my sister
lipstick- NARS Niagara

I start school again in the morning!  EEK!  I can't even believe it
xo, Mallory


Hometown Glory- Burlington Antique Show

I live in the greater Cincinnati area, and I absolutely love living here. One of my favorite things to do in the warmer months is go to the outdoor Burlington Antique Show.  I always go with my mom, but sometimes more people tag along.  This Sunday was Brian's first trip and he loved it!  These were some of my favorite things there.

 My mom always falls for the dishes, pottery, and furniture.  I love the mod home goods, sewing supplies, and fashion.  Brian dug the war memorabilia, music stuff, and old photos.

At the end of the day Brian took home a record stand and a WWII navy pea coat.  My mom and I took a chair and table to restyle and a bunch of smaller things.

Thanks for peeking into my weekend!
Love, Mallory


Red Velvet: Fall Lookbook Video

Have you seen the fall lookbook video yet?!  Well why not?!  Do it now :)

I hope you loved it! If you still haven't snagged a dress we still have stock in most of the styles on the RV site, but hurry!

♥ Mallory


Renegade Snapshots

Car troubles hung their black cloud over us, and I didn't get to squeeze in photos and booth time Sunday with Red Velvet.  We still shopped the whole fair and I got to say my bittersweet goodbyes to Elsie, Emma, Rachel, Jeremy, and Chris.  I'll make a goodbye post in a few days, but for now thanks for reading!

Love, Mallory


Home Studio

So, Renegade was eventful, or should I say the ride there was?  Basically my car is busted.  YIKES!  Luckily I have amazing parents who are giving me their spare car.  Rachel documented the whole thing in photos, so you will probably see them soon!

Back to the good things, I'm home and going to blog like normal!!! Today I spent some time in our art room and did some sketching for a top I'm making.  Sometime you need to get a lot of bad out before you can get to a good idea.

xoxo, Mallory



I really dislike packing.  Especially when I need to pack up a mess the size of a summer.  The past few days I've been finishing up a few more dresses to take with us to Renegade, and have barely begun packing.  Renegade is going to be a blast!  From there I am driving home, so I need all of it packed up in my little Corolla by Friday morning!  I hope there will still be enough room for Rachel.

At least I have pretty luggage!
Love, Mallory


Camera- Sitacon

I've been picking up cameras at thrift stores for a long time now.  This week I started this little guy's maiden 35mm roll.  Well, I'm just calling it maiden since the tag inside says 1984, older than me!  I hope some of the film turns out.

I should use it this upcoming weekend in Chicago, at Renegade Craft Fair.  Come say hi, and maybe we'll get a photo together!  Film or digital ;)

Love, Mallory

p.s. thanks for all of your Bloggers' Wardrobe votes.  Ya'll are sweet (my Kentucky is coming out since I'll be home soon).

Love Letter from Krust

In case you haven't looked yet, Krust has a new banner, and I made it!  I watercolor painted some of her bags for her.  It was so much fun to get out my watercolors here in Springfield.  She just came out with some new designs a few days ago (shop here).  We wanted to include them in the banner, so I felt pretty privileged to see her sketches before she made the actual bags!

In exchange she sent me a custom clutch bag.  I requested one of her envelope bags with a heart like a little love letter, but she went above and BEYOND!  She stitched the little lines that an envelope would have.  The lining is even striped like notebook paper, such a thoughtful touch!

Krust is so incredibly sweet!  Go check out her style, her bags, and her new banner!  I'm really impressed with how high quality my bag is.  It's amazing who you can meet through the blogosphere!

xoxo, Mallory


Pretty Pretty Please

If you get a moment go to this facebook page, and like it.
Then go to the album "Competition 4 the last place" and like my photo.
Ask your friends to do the same?  Pushing my luck?

Well, it's as easy as that.  If I win a place it could mean some great things for my blog.

Thank you amazing friends,



We've been refreshing this since 6:00pm :)


Red Velvet: Today is the Day!

Things have been busy around the Red Velvet store and studio.  So busy in fact that I have only gotten out my real camera once this week, WHOA!  Tomorrow is the big launch day and we've worked so hard, while having so much fun that I thought you'd like to see all of the process via my Instagram photos.

The girls who go to Missouri State started back to school last week, so we had to call in some emergency helping hands.  I took on an extra dress (I'm sewing 6 of the 10 styles now, I'm crazy), and Missy our super awesome amazing friend jumped in and is helping save the day (more about her at a later date).

So, this and last week has been filled with sewing, playing dress up, a few extra hours, lots of sugar, lots of slap happy giggling, silly dancing, LOTS of tea and coffee, and some REALLY positive attitudes.  I've loved every minute!

xoxo, Mallory