Wardrobe Pictures- Wackadoodle

Sometimes I feel too normal.  When this happens I do wackadoodle poses like these ones and wear a shirt exposing my stomach.  I'm a weirdo I suppose.  I took these photos two weeks ago, before my computer crashed and before the cold came.  Now that my computer is back it would be insane to go outside without a coat!

This is what I wore:
crop top- Red Velvet fall '11 (I made it!)
shorts- vintage
belt- NY & Co. --high school years
Chuck Taylors- they're a staple in my wardrobe

Rebecca of Manzanita sent me this cute crocheted cocktail hat (try saying that 5x fast).  She has some super adorable things in her shop for fall.  This one is my favorite!

These last two were outtakes, but sometimes I love the outtakes and mistakes better than the good photos!

I hope you have a super wacky & awesome Halloween weekend!  If you have any awesome diy costumes I would LOVE to see photos!
xo, Mallory


DIY! Dip-Dye Jeans

Sweet Rae Veda posted my instructions on how I made these boring white skinnies fun dip-dyed pants over on her blog An Eclectic Heap today.  Go check it out & make your own!!!  It only took me an hour and I was cooking the whole time!

♥ Mallory


Wardrobe Pictures- Dip-Dyed Jeans!

On Thursday I worked on a diy for a guest post on another blog.  The outcome was this pair of dip-dyed pants!  So, on Friday I HAD to wear them!  Once the post on how to do the diy goes up I'll let you know :)

Here's everything else I wore:
sweater- Christmas gift from mom
belt- vintage
pants- originally Target, dyed by me!
mocassins- Darlingtonia
lipstick- NARS Carthage

It was also the first time I used my new Wireless Remote Shutter Release for my Canon 20d.  Let me tell you, it was possibly best $7 I have ever spent.  No need to set a timer and press the shoot button a million times!  Yay!

xoxo, Mallory

p.s. I should be able to get my computer back from repairs sometime this week, so I'm hoping to start posting like normal ASAP.  Photoshop Elements takes quite a bit longer than CS3.


Lust List 12

This Lust List is for a sweet reader who asked for me to suggest some things that would be perfect for fall!  Of course if my family or Brian got me any of this for my birthday next month I'd be a happy camper (hint hint guys)!

Hope you found some gems here as well!
xoxo, Mallory


Burlington Antique Show: Visit me!

Remember how I LOVE the Burlington Antique Show? Well, this upcoming Sunday the 16th I'll be selling vintage clothing & home decor there! So, if you live in Greater Cincinnati look up the sale and pay me a visit between 6am and 3pm!

Xo, Mallory

p.s. my computer is going in for repairs, so I'll try to borrow my mom & Brian's computers often until it returns so I can continue blogging.


Help Fight Childhood Cancer

(Lauren and Zach at Zach's last Walk for Kids)

Every year I walk in the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Walk for Kids in memory of Zachary Heringer, my best friend's cousin.  He lost his fight in 2008 at the age of 14  after battling cancer for 4 years.  All of the money my team raises benefits Dr. Cripe's lab, where Zach's type of cancer is specifically researched.

So, if you have a few dollars you can spare sponsor me and my team here to help beat childhood cancer.

Thanks for any penny you can spare, Mallory


Fancy Napkin Folding & Halloween Tablescape

I have a really cool mom with really awesome taste, so I recently asked her to collaborate with me on more projects for 'zis here blog.  Don't worry fashion is still my major focus, but I thought we could start sharing a bit more style in all aspects of life.  So, buckle up kids and check out our first collaboration!

Here is how you fold cheap fabric napkins into fancy clovers.  Ours aren't even perfect squares!
1-3 Fold your corners in to meet in the middle and form a square.
4 Fold in your new corners in the same way
5 Flip the napkin over
6 Fold the corners in again
7 This is what your clover should look like now
8 Reach underneath and pull out the last corners your tucked under
9 TA-DA! A clover made from a napkin!

We used our napkins on top of silver chargers to help the cute halloween plates make a bigger statement!  Add your nice silverware, a holiday runner, a few candles, some shiny things, and a plaster skull under a glass dome for an understatedly creepy tablescape!

Xoxo, Mallory

P.S. Don't forget to welcome my mom, Darlene, to the team!
Most if not all accessories were bought at Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Old Time Pottery


Projects Progress- Sketching Amongst the Leaves

I love fall weather.  The breeze, the sun, the falling leaves, and the bustling about on campus.  The other day I had time between class and work.  As I was walking to my car I passed a bench and thought, why sketch at work when I can sketch here, outside?

It's possibly the best decision I've made all week.  I was able to people watch (for fashion purposes), have a large leaf fall on my head (and stay there), and actually feel a bit more inspired about my project!

xoxo, Mallory


Adventures with Brian & Madison too!

Last weekend Brian and I took his little sister Madison to see a morning airing of The Lion King in 3-d.  It was wonderful and so was our day!  Hanging out with Brian's family is always a joy.

Brian took our outfit photos for us :)

Here is what I wore:
shirt- thrifted vintage
dress- H&M
leggings- Under Armour (the best I've had)
flats- Payless

 Fall weekends are the best weekends.

Love, Mallory & Madison too!
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