Current Endeavors

 Now that the holidays are over, my sister is married, and my bedroom is cleaned I have time to focus on My Winter Goals.  The first 2 I'm tackling are Lauren's wedding invites and my CFDA scholarship project.  I finished the bicycle for 2 graphic for Lauren on Monday in Illustrator and the next step is to figure out wording and layout!  Easy Peasy.

The CFDA project has hit a bump in the road.  I've sorta, kinda, maybe decided to start from scratch.  Well, maybe not from the very beginning, but I'm redoing all of the garment designs.  Never fear.  I loved the collection I was working on (you can see that here) but I felt like the designs weren't exactly where they needed to be to win this particular competition.  I have a focused idea now and sketches that are on the right track. Hopefully.  So, tonight I say goodnight because I'm going to work my booty off on this project :)

Love as Always, Mallory

p.s. Would you be interested if I started selling my original fashion illustration?


  1. I wish I could say the same about my room.... oh MAN. I am bagging up tons of unwanted clothes that I NEVER WEAR. I wish I was clear minded like you. Seems I'm always cloudy. Is that glitter? It looks pretty! :)

    love, polly

  2. YES. i would definitely be interested!


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