Hair: Pigtail buns!

Sometimes you just need to wear your hair in pigtail buns.  Maybe you even need to tie a bow around just one of them!  What I'm trying to say is that you should take chances with your look!!!  To balance out the statement hair I wore a simple top (this one actually) that you could barely see my black brassiere through, dark blue jeans, a sparkly pendant necklace, and black flats.

As a rule I try to make 1 big and maybe 1 minor statement.  Then I go simple with the rest so it's not a shock to the senses.

:) Mallory


  1. That's a really good tip, I'm so bad at taking chances with my look :s

  2. Love that piece of advice!

    can't see alot of it...but the Top looks like its super cute! And I love the fact that you can see the bra....sweet and sexy ...ha! :)


  3. Love the buns! I like wearing my hair like that, but it does make me look like a child...still fun though!

  4. Your hair is too cute!!! and yet it doesnt look childish I really like it!! :D Joanne :Dxx



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