A New Blogging Direction

I haven't been around much lately.  Mostly because I was figuring out what direction I wanted to focus on.  For a while I thought I would try to become a DIY blog with focus on teaching readers to make stuff that would fit with my own personal style.  I started working on my blog makeover and when I tried designing my banner I felt stuck into this pigeonhole of "DIY."  Then I thought more and realized that although I enjoy making things, I would rather focus on living a beautiful life and letting you see how I infuse my personal style along the way.

That being said I decided that I'll be posting photos from my world including:
Outfits including the boy, mom, Madison... anyone else I think is awesome.
Weekend adventures
My work including: illustrations, sewn things, school, etc.
Interior decor stuff occasionally.  My mom is like a decor God.
DIYs when I really fall in love with an idea
Some beauty stuff, hopefully including makeup with Jill
Music I enjoy.
Lust Lists will also make a roaring return.

Now that I have verbalized my plan I feel invigorated and excited again!  I'm going to start focusing like this immediately, but it will make much more sense after I the redesign!  Thank you so much for your continuing support and dedicated readership.  I can't tell you how much it means to me!
Love, Mallory


  1. Oh yay to feeling inspired and full of direction :-) I recently had to close my old blog for personal reasons and start fresh and it was quite scary trying to find my focus again!xxx

  2. Can't wait! Looking forward to more gorgeousness!

  3. sounds great! I like everyday personal blogs much better that the big focused ones on DIYs. Can't wait to read more :)


  4. I'm so glad you're feeling inspired again-- isn't that the most invigorating feeling? Suddenly there aren't enough hours in a day for everything you want to do! ...Oh, wait, you're a fashion design student, there are NEVER enough hours in a day! (Speaking of which, I just shared some exciting news on my blog and I think you're one of the few people who would understand why I'm OMG FREAKING OUT about it.)

    I'm so looking forward to reading as you continue your journey of blogging exploration!


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