Books- A trio

 On Sunday, for the first time in a long time, I cozied up in bed with some great books.  It was exactly what I needed!  For Christmas I received Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designers from Lauren, and How to Set Up and Run a Fashion Label from my mom.  I've been reading the one about running a fashion label off and on alongside a notebook since Christmas day, and I tend to flip through the illustration book whenever I get a spare moment.

So this story is actually about the Hunger Games.  Sunday morning I saw a movie with my sisters and mom and a Hunger Games preview preceded it.  They have all read the books and begged me to as well, but I always felt too busy.  Now I finally have a bit of free time in life and I thought the preview was awesome enough to start reading this trilogy.  Basically the story ends with me staying in bed until I  finished the book.  I know I'm late on the band wagon but the The Hunger Games Trilogy truly is fantastic.  I blew through the pages faster than I have any book other than Harry Potter.  Go read it now.

 xo (from my cave where I'm about the start the second Hunger Games book), Mallory :)


  1. I totally know what you mean about blowing through THG! I did the same thing. I remember telling my boyfriend that it was the only true page-turner I'd read since the final Harry Potter.

  2. I read hunger games in less than 24 hours- starting on christmas day (it would of been way shorter except for family commitments. the second book took me even less time. I'm saving the third for a plane trip

  3. I'm a college student, so I know what it's like to never have time to read a good book. I've wanted to read The Hunger Games, but I always end up reading something for class. Ahh, the life of busy people. Great post!

  4. Your bed looks soo lovely :)

  5. oh man, i just finished the second HG book last week and did a little post about it too :) i just could not stop reading them, the end of every chapter is so intriguing! can't wait to see what the third holds.


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