Outfit: Mod Jacket

A few weeks ago I asked Brian to photograph my tweed coat because it was feeling neglected after I posted about my red vintage one.  I really love the mod vibe it has & it's a nice jacket for layering, not as a bulky piece of outerwear.  I have to also talk about how amazing this collar is.  It lays flat, but if you button it it makes a PERFECT turtleneck for those windy days!

I paired this Guess coat from Macy's with:
black skinny jeans- Pac Sun (a few years ago)
classic white chucks
heart rings- big matches Madison's from Hobby Lobby, & small from Minty Fresh Fusions
pin- came with a shirt Brian got from Vital
Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal bag- of course.

This last picture isn't in focus because I was descending the hill.  I still like it, because sometimes mistakes are the biggest wins.

Love, Mallory


  1. That jacket is super cute. I love your rings! xo, rv


  2. i love that jacket! it's really cute.

    and i want that marc jacobs bag - i almost bought in grey in november, but i was hesitant, even with my husband egging me on to buy it because it happened to be 30 percent off. ha!

  3. I love your heart ring! How fantastic!


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