What a Man Wears: Army Green

 If you've been a reader for even the last week, you know I have this super sweet boyfriend named Brian.  This super sweet Brian really knows how to dress.  I mean he gets into it, and he understands this whole style deal.  He doesn't really love to have his picture taken, but somehow I am always able to talk him into outfit photos.  Here's one from about a week ago.

Outfit Details:
jacket- Steve & Barry's forever ago
sweatshirt- Target
shirt & jeans- Old Navy (their skinny jeans are my favorites on him)
shoes- Urban Outfitters

 He's usually my best accessory :)
xo, Mallory


  1. You lucky girl!!!!

    My boyfriend has no sense of style and doesn't care about it one bit. Jeans and T-shirt...that's it! every day, all day ;)
    He looks cute in anything though, so I don't really mind :-D

  2. He's got great style! My husband is the same way about photos of himself...but every now and then I can sneak them in. haha!

  3. what a good sport! my husband is the opposite. total picture hog with no sense of style. haha


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