DIY: Embroidered Jean Shorts

I've seen some diy fancied up jean shorts all over the blogs and Pinterest lately, so I thought I'd come up with my own version.  During Goodwill's 50% off everything day I bought 3 pairs of 90s shorts at $2 each.  I knew they'd fit because I always have a measuring tape in my purse for thrifting and other shopping emergencies.  Here's how I updated one of the 3 pairs.  All you need is sharp scissors
(like Ginghers), an embroidery needle, and embroidery floss!

I cut off just the hem all the way around the leg openings, then turned the legs up 1" and iron the crease in.

Next I started sewing.  Here's a sewing pro secret: you don't need to knot your thread!  Just pull your needle through once keeping a 1/2" tail.  Then sew through the spot your needle came through a few more times.  It won't come out.

As you can see in the pictures above I made parallel horizontal stitches to cutely hold up the cuffed hem.  I went around each leg.  I ended the same way I started by sewing through the same spot a few times.  You can do your stitches farther apart if you're a bit slow or a beginner at sewing.  Feel free to use a thimble, too.

For the pockets I did the same no knot start then went into the pocket and came up under the pocket's stitch line.  Sewing under the stitch line is much easier than through the multilayer seam.  Then I was finished.  You can use these ideas and make them your own by trying new stitches, and mixing colors if you want.

 I think I'll probably do the back pockets soon.  I like easy updates that make a statement.  Fashion is in the details!  Love, Mallory


  1. It's a cute detail, the kind of detail that can make some random shorts your very own shorts.

  2. Great update! Can't wait to see what you do with the other 2 pairs.

  3. Super cute! I've been meaning to hit the thrift stores for some much needed jean shorts! Love the embellishment!

  4. The stitching on the pockets is lovely. And it actually looks like the kind of thing I could achieve!

  5. I love how you transformed these shorts with simple accents of embroidery floss! The stitching along the edges of the pockets look so great and I really like the accent along the cuffed bottom. I'm tempted to go thrifting just to find a pair of shorts to work on!

  6. Perfeito! Criatividade é tudo! Parabéns! *-* bjks, Karin.


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