Tuesday Tunes- Girl Power

It seems that girl fronted bands are a rare thing.  I think it's a little more rare to find girl singers that sound unique, so when I find one I like I'm a fan for a while.  I'm also all for a little girl power every now and then.  Is my 90s child showing yet?  I'm trying my best to not add a "You Go Girl."  Anyway, here are my favorite leading ladies in the music industry.

Jenny Lewis is amazing add the Watson Twins and you have pure magic!

Of course I have to add Eisley because they're a staple, and Stacy is a sweetie.  All three of these leading sisters are pregnant right now.  What an adorable coincidence.

Feist.  I love her soulful voice and the depth of the music in her latest album Metals.  Need I say more about her?

I also think St. Vincent is amazing along with Sucre, fronted by Stacy DuPree King of Eisley.  Have a girl rocked week.  XO- Mallory


  1. love all of them! have you ever listened to neko case? i think you'd like her too! and i've been lovin' the singer from Best Coast for a while now. & the ditty bops are always amazing. Yes, girl power all the way! i could go on and on, as you can see. ;)

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